Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Brins Fire -or- Preparing to Move in a Hurry

About 12 miles from where we are located is the Brins Fire, raging into Oak Creek Canyon and headed towards us. I find myself having very mixed emotions about the chance that I may have to grab all that is valuable and unreplaceable to me. On one hand, I am not looking forward to pushing sheep into the back of the pick-up, cats into the car, and various boxes of photos, valuable papers, and any irreplaceable mementoes wherever they will fit.
When you take a good long, hard look at the accumulation of "stuff" we acquire on "The Road of Life" and have to make up your mind what to take, what to leave, you begin to realize how much "junk" we bring into our homes and lives and what is really important.
As I look around I make mental notes: leave the electronics, take the pictures of my daughter riding in "El Tour de Tucson" in her U of A Jersey. Take the picture of my late father, but leave his collection of model trains behind. I mentally recognize that memories take up no space except for that in the brain and the heart and are the most transportable possession I have. The day to day "stuff" can be replaced. And I realize that what is really important to me I carry with me already - in my heart.
But, I will still leave room for my husband, the cats and the sheep in the vehicles. :)

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