Sunday, June 25, 2006

Have Pen, Will Travel

Saturday saw us cleaning up about the Homestead as we realized during a community fire prevention meeting that we had, indeed, places around the property that needed some attention. Most of all, we hauled branches lost two winters ago when we had trees snap under a tremendous snow load. We had planned on burning them when we had appropriate weather conditions but never saw them. We also trimmed up the two Ponderosa Pines we have here after we were informed that it is better for the fire fighters to have all branches up to 10 feet from the ground removed to prevent ground fire up into the crowns of the trees. It was much needed work to be done and it was time we did it.
And thanks to our friend who owns the local feed store, we obtained a rack for the back of the pick-up truck with enough room to hold about six sheep and a bale of hay in front of it in the bed of the p/u. We wanted to build a truck rack like Kim's when she delivered the sheep, but realized that it was not feasible for us to have a rack as a permanent attachment to the truck. We just don't haul that many sheep around...yet. :) So, here's a picture, with my Other Half in it for a size comparison and Lacey and her ram lamb "modeling" the unit with a coaxing of a handful of grain.
Our thinking is that if we're prepared, we won't have to go anywhere!


Nancy K. said...

Cool! You guys are becomming such SHEPHERDS ;-)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a nice "pickup pen"! I need something like that for our pickup so I don't have to haul tiny sheep in a three-horse slant load bumper pull horse trailer!