Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Can't Complain...

about rain, rain, rain! It has been WONDERFUL to have rain for three days in a row! We actually can turn the fans off and even pull up the wool blanket (Thanks again, Kelly & Ross!) by morning. It's great! You step outside and can smell that clean, fresh air filled with the scent of pines and aspens. I keep trying to tell my DH that, not only did he marry a farmer-type, but this "Person of Celtic Ancestry" actually likes rain and clouds and a break from the relentless sun we have here in the summer. Maybe it's because of the altitude and that it is so intense in the summertime. It's great for keeping our roads free of ice in the winter, but I'd much rather be in a forest or lush green pasture in the fog. :)
We are no longer on alert for the Brins Fire and will still keep fingers and toes crossed about fires caused by lightening strikes however. Our forests are all closed and hopefully that will cut down on the human caused fires.
Even the sheep have loved this weather. They've been bouncing all over the pasture during the breaks in the clouds today - chasing one another around and just having a ball. The "Moms", Lacey and Amanda are enjoying the times the lambs are off playing with each other. I'm sure they need the break and will almost be glad when weaning time arrives.
Everyone had a great time today...but I know what will come tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day when I will give everyone their vaccinations.
We'll see how high they jump after that! :)

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