Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where's My Camera When I Need It?

For the past two days we have had rain! We have started our "Monsoon" weather patterns and are very grateful for every single drop we get, even the hail that sometimes comes with the storm.
Today has been the first day I was able to really take some time down at the barn. In fact, I sat on the step into the feed room and as I slowed down enough to enjoy the day, someone came up - very silently - and put their head in my lap. I had been watching the chickens out and about and did not hear the "Stealth Attack" guessed it...Mr. Trouble! The little black ram who loves to be with people! Oh, he does enjoy the romp and stomp in the pasture and the good grass like all the other sheep, but if he sees me or my DH, he will make a point of coming over to get his chin scratched.
I have had to warn my DH not to get this little guy used to being scratched between the horns as that can encourage him to become a "basher" for attention. Not good behavior in a ram. Under the chin - OK; maybe even work up to a scratch behind the ears - but absolutely no attention to the horn area!
This little guy is just so sweet. I've never met a sheep like him. But then, maybe he's heard we have a freezer in the basement! ;)

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