Saturday, June 17, 2006

Work, Play & My Other Half

My DH got me up and out of the house this morning before my coffee even had a chance to kick in. We were cleaning out the other half of our barn. That old horse stall had been transformed into an auto part storage facility and mouse hotel, but had become Prime Real Estate.
While the sheep have only been here for less than a week, we both realized that space where they are now (sharing quarters with the poultry in another stall) is way too small for their growing needs and before we know it, we willl need their current space for lambs being weaned from their mothers. There was only one option.
Moving these car parts (hoods, trunk lids, etc.) means alot to me. You see, my husband has been trying to restore a 1953 Mercury which had been owned by his Aunt Betty and he actually rode in as a child. And he's doing this restoration without benefit of being in a garage, or under any sort of cover like a carport. This space in the barn was highly prized for storage of these essential pieces to this project. And for him to decide that my sheep were in need of the space more than his car just astounds me. It reminds me that, even after 30 years, of the give-and-take that a marriage requires. But even more so, that the spouse who gives be appreciated by the spouse who takes. Sometimes you're "The Taker" and somethimes, "The Giver".
And I am so glad I took the time to appreciate all he's giving. I sure hope the sheep realize the same. :)

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Nancy K. said...

What a nice hubby! He's going to make an excellent shepherd... ;-)