Saturday, July 22, 2006

Best Laid Plans...Often Go Awry -or- Drop Back Six, And Punt!

I've been so excited about the prospect of Skittles coming to Arizona! He's an awesome ram and new Shetland blood is needed here in the SW area. After I bought Skittles from my friend, Nancy, Kim N. very generously offered to bring Skittles with her when she drove west to deliver two lambs to friends of hers near the Jackson, WY area. I can't say enough about how generous Kim is for this gesture! (These Shetland people have restored my faith in human-kind with all their generosity and caring about each other. I only hope that I can live up to the example they set.)
Well, Kim and I set a time last week to meet, me driving North and her making her way West. And it was a pleasure to have my dear husband, Ralph, with me on this "Road Trip". We had left early to go as far as Page, AZ, the night before Kim was to set out. That leg got us through most of the Navajo Reservation.
We left early the next morning and really had a nice time going through Utah's Southern area, looking in awe at some of the high desert sceanery and listening to Ralph's XM radio. It was all two lane roads, but we had very little traffic.
We even managed to drive through Zion National Park...yes, the road went through so we had to pay our $20 to drive through the park, but it was so worth it! It was phenominal! Absolutely breathtaking! We even commented that we were glad that we had to make this trip otherwise we might have overlooked this gem.
Finally we did make it to I15 and started, in earnest, to get to Wyoming before evening. We were almost half-way there when my cell phone rang and it was Kim...
Kim had taken her vehicle in to have the oil changed and a safety check before she took off with the back full of ovines when a crack in her differential was spotted. She was calling to say that she couldn't leave and wouldn't know if she could make the trip at all until the truck was fixed. Now, Kim is a very busy person and for her to take time to include my "Freeloader" along for this trip is above and beyond. But I was devastated! I was so very, very glad that Kim had discovered this problem BEFORE starting out - I wouldn't want to see her having ANY problems along the road, let alone truck problems. But I was disappointed. I was so hoping to get Skittles here and settled in. There was nothing to do but turn around and go home. We got back about 6 p.m.
And, with many emails back and forth, Kim thinks she may be willing to try to do the trip this next week and have another go at this. She's incredible! And Bless her heart! :)
So, if this trip does come to pass I need everyone's good thoughts headed our way for all of us to have safe trips - to "There And Back Again"!

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Tina T-P said...

Oh, Kathy, you must be so bummed! Hope Kim's truck gets fixed & you can try it again next week. T.