Monday, July 17, 2006

Go ahead. Make my day!

Here he is husband's buddy. My DH was out at the barn today helping me with taking a picture of a ram lamb who needs a chance to be a Flock Sire (aka He's for Sale). Then guess who showed up? Mr. I'm-So-Cute! I have to laugh. This little guy, who's registered name is Mountain Niche Colin P, has become like a pet dog to my DH. Wherever he, or we, go Mr. ISC follows and is very intent on what we are doing. And if one of us decides to sit down for a break, he's right there with you and loves to put his head in your lap. As we gently scratch him behind his ear, or pick VM out of his fleece, you can see his eyelids start to droop and finally shut. He just loves to be with you.
Even the pet sheep I had as a teenager, Bessie, was not that mellow. She wore a dog collar and would accompany the horse and I on outings as well as earn her keep by mowing the weeds in my grandmother's woods. And I've known nice rams, friendly but on their terms...and rams that would be friends then turn on you during breeding season...and rams who, indeed, belong on the Food Chain. But I've never known one this mellow and laid back.
He just wants to be with you. He doesn't care if you got all your errands done or did well at work and got that promotion. All he wants is just to have you allow him into your "space" and share a bit of yourself with him. All he wants is a kind word and a bit of attention. It makes me wonder if that's all any of us really want in life. And it doesn't matter if you did your Pilates today or washed the truck. He doesn't care about any of that small stuff. He just wants to spend time with you.
All in all, not a bad friend to have around.

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Tina T-P said...

What a sweet face he has - & looks like he could figure out how to undo, untie, unlock, etc, etc. Those cute, smart ones will steal your heart every time :-) Tina