Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Won't Go...And You Can't Make Me!

This is Mountain Niche Norman. This is Norman throwing a hissy-fit during halter-breaking! (I believe this may be Position #2 according to Nancy K.) Norman is one of the lambs that came to us from Kim Kerley's Mountain Niche Farm in Washington and is a beautiful example of the quality of Shetland bred by Kim and her husband, Doug.
This lamb has good conformation, great horns, soft fleece and a nice personality. But the problem is that he is closely related to all the Shetlands here. While that is a problem for me, it is a blessing for Karen C. in Chino Valley, AZ. Karen has been in desperate need of a ram unrelated to her ewes. So, long story short, Norman is going to live with Karen and have the chance to be what he really should be - A Flock Sire.
I hate to see him go (and things aren't totally finalized yet) but you can't keep them all and it wouldn't be very fair of me to keep Norman. He has great potential and needs his own Harem. Here, he would just be hanging out in "The Ram Pen" unless I found him his own ewes.
So, the decision was made to let Norman move on, living up to his potential with Karen. the meantime, I knew I needed to work on his "Halter Etiquette". You can tell from the photo that Norman was in disagreement with me on this point. He promptly plopped down in the freshly cut weeds in the corral. He looks as though he rolled in them, which was Position #1, I believe.
Later in this session, Norman did actually lead and was rewarded. I used to think it was funny when you placed sheep on their bums to shear them. They believed they were dead, they couldn't move... Now I think it's hilarious when they first try a halter on and immediatley fall down and don't move. It's a precursor to the flopping, which comes after Position #2.
At any rate...Here's to Norman! I think he'll make a great Flock Sire. Karen's getting a really nice ram. And I will always remember him with fondness.


Nancy K. said...

I can't believe you wear flip flops when you're out with your sheep!!!! (so do I ~ that is, if I wear ANYthing on my feet!) ;-)

Kathy L. said...

With this heat I think "Naked Sheepkeeping" might be in order! :) Well, OK...maybe if I was younger....