Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Weaning Day -or- "Who Are You? And What Have You Done With My Mother?!"

Today is weaning day! Oh, Boy! Actually, it went pretty smoothly for everyone this morning. I let all the sheep-tribe out into the pasture to have breakfast and when it became time to ease them into the barn for "Siesta", I quietly moved the lambs into pens at the other end of the barn. By the time the mom-sheep had turned around to look, it was all over.
All over but the baa-ing. And that hasn't been too bad. The ewe lambs have been actually very lady-like in their demeanor. The ram lambs did butt heads a bit to see who was "King of the Pen". And the moms banged on the wire on the pen enclosure a bit, but all settled down quite nicely. We'll have to see how tomorrow goes.
From now on, the ram lambs will be segregated by themselves. And later, the ewe lambs will re-join their mothers in the same enclosure and back out in the pasture together. This will happen just as soon as the mother-ewes dry up and no longer produce milk.
Then, hopefully, there will be peace until fall...when breeding season begins! But this time will be spent working with the ewes in halter breaking and getting them used to being handled. And finishing up quarters for our Senior Flock Ram, Bluff Country Skittles, to arrive later this month.
And I love every minute of it! :)

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