Monday, July 24, 2006

Why I Can't Spell

This is Shadow. When the house next door was a rental, the family living in it moved out suddenly abandoning two cats. One cat was adopted by a family across the road, but no one could get near Shadow.
He would hover around our barn and little by little he became used to the sound of my voice. Then, I started putting food out for him, especially when I saw him fighting crows for crusts of bread. He was thin and starving. It took a while but eventually we became friends. And now he is my "Best Bud"! If I go out the door he'll watch me from the windows and when I get into bed he's always ready to settle down with me for a while and insists on laying right up next to me.
It took over a year to get him used to being an indoor only cat. We have a very busy street running by our place. Over the years we've seen many animals hit on this street. When he was fending for himself we used to see Shadow run across the street in front of on-coming traffic. My heart would nearly stop when I saw him do that. We also have coyotes here that delight in an easy meal of people's pets and I just can't bear the thought of any of our family ending up as dinner. Hence, housecats.
One of the problems is that Shad insists on "helping" me do whatever I am doing whether it be getting dinner ready, having coffee, doing laundry, watering the plants, or sending an email - and that's the problem with my typos! He plunks himself down in front of the screen and I can't see what I'm doing.
So, if you see spelling mistakes please forgive us. It's just my Helper assisting me. I wouldn't trade my assistant for anything. I just wish he would SpellCheck. :)

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