Thursday, August 10, 2006

Colin's Day Out..or...Boy, Do I Feel Like a Fool!

Today was the day that Ralph's buddy, Colin P. went to see the vet for a little "tweaking". Yes, Folks, Colin is now a wether! I loaded him up in the Spiffy Sheep Transport and off we went. Every once and a while I would hear Colin talking to all the vehicles we passed or passed us. We arrived at Dr. Rob's on time and I escorted him into the back of the office and popped him into a stainless steel cage for large dogs.
To keep him from bleating everyone to death I stayed with Colin during the whole operation. Dr. Rob figured out the medications and gave Colin a nice sedative and off (literally) we went. :) Not only did the Doc give him a sedative, but a local as well. And while he was immobilized Rob was kind enough to lance a cyst the little guy had developed at the site of his last booster shot AND remove an ear tag that had become lodged towards Colin's ear canal. The only thing that wasn't done was rotation of the hooves and an oil change.
As soon as he was awake and active we were on the road again headed for home. I had the option of putting Mr. C on an antibiotic and chose to do so as, in sheep, if there is one cyst they can develope cysts in other areas of the body as well making for a very sick sheep if you don't catch them. So, I opted to give him penicillan shots for 7 days.
Everything was going great until about 4 p.m. when I checked the "surgical site" and spied a puffy piece of something that didn't look like it was supposed to be there. Ralph got home and we decided to take Colin back over to the vet and have him take a look. BUT, before we left it was time for him to get his second dose of antibiotic.
I aimed for the muscle of his back leg (yes, the Leg o'Lamb) far, so good. He moved a bit (Ralph was holding him) and "Bob's your Uncle" it was over. Except that Colin half crumbled from the shot and had trouble with that back leg. Come to find out, I had apparently given the shot very close or in the sciatic nerve. Oooo....not good.
So Dr. Rob gave Colin a shot of steroids to help the nerve settle down and with time he felt that the little lamb will be fine. This evening he was back to trying to walk on his joint instead of his foot, so I wrapped the foot and joint with bandage material to help the little guy keep it straight.
Now I feel like a fool. I know it was the luck of the draw to hit that nerve just so, but that doesn't stop me from feeling so badly about making this day worse for the little guy.
The surgical site was fine - just some fat poking through - - -
But I feel like I should be drummed out of the Sheep Corps. I hope Colin forgives me, but I don't think I have it in me to forgive myself.

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Tina T-P said...

Poor little guy - I know how that sciatic nerve feels when it gets inflamed - all that on top of the "owie" from underneath too - Poor little guy... Well, I don't think anyone will be drumming you out of the sheep corps, and given a couple of animal crackers Collin probably won't remember the whole thing either...Hope the rest of his convalescence goes smoother.
:-) Tina