Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Isn't It Friday Yet?

I know, I know...I've been very bad lately about not posting. We've had a couple of really busy weeks with sick cats, kitchen remodeling and my DH hasn't been feeling too well either. I remember when we lived in Germany the locals would talk about the "October Winds" and how they brought bad luck to everyone. So, they had parties to scare them off. Maybe I need to have a party! :)
Everyone is doing better, but one of the cats, Shadow, had a bad reaction to one of the medications the veterinarian prescribed for him. All of a sudden Shadow was acting like he'd had a full pot of coffee plus a few shots of Red Bull and an espresso on top of everything! He couldn't get settled down and was pacing or flopping from one side to another. Even the other cat members of the family were targeted as Shad would hiss and spit at anyone going near him including his best-buddy Max. He even hissed and spat at me when I would try to pet him or get him to calm down.
I knew the meds would work out of his system - confirmed by a night call to the vet - but nobody slept well with him walking all over the bed trying to find a comfortable spot to lay in. This included walking on my head at various times which became rather unnerving to me as I would just start to drift off and there he'd be. Poor guy!
The next day you could tell he was fine but very tired. I think he slept for about 8 hours straight.
So, we're back to a peaceable kingdom again...which means it's back to tearing apart the kitchen.
And that is a story for another time. ;)

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