Thursday, August 03, 2006

Norman's Great Adventure Begins!

Today is the day that Mtn Niche Norman left us at Sheep Thrills Farm and went to live with Karen Clymer and her flock of Shetland "ladies". Karen has been without a ram for her girls for over two years and was just tickled to get Norman. Karen also shows sheep and as we were loading Norman into a carrier in the back of her van she mentioned that she'll be showing Norman in this year's Yavapai County Fair.
In these pictures Karen sent me when they arrived home, you see Norman becoming acquainted with some of his gals. Unfortunately, Karen said when the hay ran out the ladies started pestering Norman so much she had to take him and put him into a pen of other young sheep. Oh well, you know how these Blind Date situations go. Sometimes it just takes a little time for everyone to get used to each other. :)
I was happy Norman went to someone who really appreciates what a good looking animal he is and that he looks like he'll turn out to be an awesome ram when he gets a little older! Other than Karen, I had seven calls from people wanting Norman. After meeting Karen, I knew I made the right decision. I know he will be well taken care of and will have the chance to keep his bit of the genetic pool going.
And Ralph's "Little Buddy", Colin P. is in a pen by himself now. I put him in a jug (shepherd's term for a small pen) where he can see his mum, aunt, sister and cousin. Next week he has a visit to our veterinarian and after that visit he'll be able to be in the same pen as the ewes until Skittles arrives. Yup...Colin will be the official family pet sheep and will be spoiled and tended to and walked and fondled, but that's all he'll be able to do. Due to his horns coming in too close to his head he'll have to be wethered, or eaten...and we know that will never happen! :) He won't be able to breed but all he'll have to do is grow beautiful fleece, tag along with Ralph and keep Skittles company, living stress free. Hmmm...not a bad trade, Colin. Who said sheep were dumb? ;-)

*Note: Norman is the moorit (brown) sheep in the pictures.

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Tina T-P said...

Hi Kathy - Isn't it nice to know that Norman is going somewhere where he'll have a good life instead of being someone's lamb chops? Sounds like you've got a busy week ahead. Tina