Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging...Max!

This is Max the Manx. Max has been living with us since 2001. He had been abandoned at the farm of a person who works with Ralph at the Sheriff's Dept. She was moving into town and wanted to know if we would give Max a home. Being the soft-hearted cat people we are, we said sure...
We found out after he arrived that Max had been abused at some point in his life. (Before he was abandoned) He spent the first two years with us under blankets and beds and generally hiding from everyone and anything. I worked up a relationship with Max using treats and brushing. But anytime Ralph tried, he would run. We think it was a man who abused Max.
Little by little we've gained his trust. And now, Max spends the evenings with me in my recliner, joined at my hip, and loving every moment! He is even beginning to tolerate other people in the house and especially liked one of our In-Laws, Hugo. I'm not sure if Hugo noticed it or not, but Max would watch Hugo intently - and not run when he tried petting him.
So, we are making progress these five years later. Max still won't sit with Ralph in Ralph's recliner, but he will sit with Ralph in MY recliner. (It must be a magical recliner!) And Max will sleep next to me in the bed at night. He and his buddy, Shadow, are glued right up next to me making it almost impossible to get out of bed in the middle of the night. All is fine except when they start a game of "Bitey-Chew" with each other and start squealing, on me, at 3 in the morning!
I'm glad we could provide Max with a warm, safe place to live.
I'm sure he doesn't realize that he's really given us a lot more in return.


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Tina T-P said...

I think that people who adopt stray cats increase their good Karma tenfold. Looks like Max found a wonderful home with you. :-) Tina

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Hey Kat ~ it's SEPTEMBER!!