Saturday, September 23, 2006

Makin' Progress! are the first pictures of the new cabinets on the wall. Above the stove will go a combination microwave-hood-light piece of modern technology. And we still have to decide on what type of backsplash we want, but that can come later. By tomorrow evening I hope to have working cabinets again.
All the cabinets have to be installed as we have to have the measurements taken for our counter top. That will involve someone actually coming out to take the measurements and ordering it. Then as soon as the counter gets here, we'll have a sink in again as well.
I can hardly wait. I never realized just how much I did do in the kitchen until I didn't have one to work in. And I've missed cooking for us. Going out to eat once and a while is nice, but I do like to cook and have found myself missing it.
The sheep were thrilled as while I was concentrating on the kitchen today, they were able to stay all day in the pasture. I checked on them a few times as they are know for wanting to be in the barn for a "siesta" around noon. But, no, today they stayed out all day. Poor tired little sheepies...they'll sleep good tonight!
And I know two humans who'll sleep well too! ;-)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging: Miss Zuzu

This is Zuzu. When my father retired to Arizona and bought a house way out in the country, he inherited the resident feral cat. That cat, later named Matilda, was the mother of Zuzu as well as her brothers, Socks and Scooter. The rest of the family have all gone on leaving Zuzu to continue. She is now well over 18 years old. As we speak, she is declining very rapidly and we don't expect her to be with us much longer.
When my father was moving from the country into town, he said he would either have to put Zuzu to sleep or leave her with the house to fend for herself. She was about four or five at that time and was truly an outdoor cat, spending days at a time out hunting in the fields around Dad's place. Now, I have to admit that Dad did know what strings to pull me around with as somehow Socks, Scooter, and Matilda had all eventually ended up with us. So I said "What's one more?" (Infamous last words) With that Dad scooped her up, put her in a carrier and she yowled the whole four hour drive home.
She spent the first two years acting like an incarcerated felon, hiding under blankets until no one looked and snuck out at night for food and water. Then one day, I was making a pork roast for dinner and lo and behold! She came into the kitchen, begging for some pork. From then on she spent her evenings with us in the living room. And she was well mannered except if we were having any type of "pig meat" - ham, bacon, or roast - she loved pork! And Fritos. Dad had "trained" her with Fritos Corn chips. I never did find out what he had "trained" her to do, except beg for corn chips.
All in all, she's been a really nice cat. Independent, you bet. But she still likes to snuggle under the blankets and sit on sunny windowsills. And she's very much the lady. I know that very soon, I will have a space she's left behind.
And as it is every time I lose an animal friend, the space may become filled, but it won't be the same. And I will miss her.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The One Who Really Runs The Barnyard

This is Josey. Her full name is "Nosey Josey". She's a three year old Speckled Sussex hen who keeps things in line around the barn and thinks she should stay in the house (not allowed) instead of in the barn with those "others".
I used to raise and show Speckled Sussex and true Ameraucana chickens. Before the sheep came I still had quite a few left. As I found out that chicken dust really gets my allergies going, I decided to reduce the number of hens I had and just keep a few for eggs and "pets". Well, I couldn't let Josey go. She's always like to sit in my lap and will even jump the fence to "help" Ralph work on his '53 Mercury, telling him exactly how she thinks things should be done.
She'll do the same with me. I have even caught her squawking at the sheep when she feels they've done something wrong. One of the ewe lambs loves to chase the chickens for fun...except she found out there's one who doesn't run but will stand her ground and firmly tell the up-start how the cow eats the cabbage and this is MY barnyard and don't you forget it.
She's definitely Snoopervisor material. And she knows it. That's the problem.
Way to go, Josey!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Houston, We Have Lift-Off!

Here is a picture of the new Bosch stove about where it will finally go. The gas was hooked up today and we just plugged it in to an existing outlet for a "test run". Our old electric stove is, sadly, been placed on the back deck, in the rain, awaiting either a new home or recycling.
I was holding out for a dual fuel unit until we saw this Bosch gas convection oven unit on sale. And it only took half an hour for me to figure out how to set the clock! :-)
Tomorrow is Electrical Day with Ralph and an electrician friend putting in new outlets. Most of the outlets that are to be wired are of over and under cabinet lighting. Cool. Just as long as the dishwasher gets installed and we can get the cabinets in soon. (We have to wait on some of this due to one cabinet lost during shipment and the pantry unit being crushed during shipment.)
We stopped early today to have dinner and watch the beginning of the new "Survivor" series. We must plan around good TV you know. ;-)
I feel as though I have been neglecting the sheep-folk here at "Oleo Acres" (One of the Cheaper Spreads), but we had rain most of the day today and they preferred to stay inside - to eat and sleep.
Must be nice...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why I Haven't Been Posting...

This is the stack of cabinets in my dining room. The dining room is now in a corner of the living room. When we ordered the cabinets we were told it would take six weeks to get them. They were delivered to us in about two and a half weeks, catching us unprepared for their arrival.
This second picture is of the kitchen after we removed the old cabinets and sink today. (And Boy! Are we ever tired!)
> And this third picture is of the old kitchen, now in pieces, on the back deck off the dining room. Oy! You won't believe just how glad I am to see this pld kitchen go. The plumbing is now done and this next week will see the beginning fo the electrical work. After that and some wall patching we will begin to hang the new cabinets.
The cats are being pretty good about their world being turned upside down. You see, the contents from within the old cabinetry are stacked in milk crates all over the house...but mostly in the guest room and bath. The only one who has some problems is our Elder Cat, Zuzu, who at 18 1/2 has lost most of her sight in this last month. But she's being the Trooper that she is and making her way though the canyons of cabinets and boxes - yowling out if she gets lost so I can come find her and put her right again.
So, you see I haven't been sitting watching TV and eating bon-bons these past two weeks.
Oh, how I wish I could! ;-)