Saturday, September 23, 2006

Makin' Progress! are the first pictures of the new cabinets on the wall. Above the stove will go a combination microwave-hood-light piece of modern technology. And we still have to decide on what type of backsplash we want, but that can come later. By tomorrow evening I hope to have working cabinets again.
All the cabinets have to be installed as we have to have the measurements taken for our counter top. That will involve someone actually coming out to take the measurements and ordering it. Then as soon as the counter gets here, we'll have a sink in again as well.
I can hardly wait. I never realized just how much I did do in the kitchen until I didn't have one to work in. And I've missed cooking for us. Going out to eat once and a while is nice, but I do like to cook and have found myself missing it.
The sheep were thrilled as while I was concentrating on the kitchen today, they were able to stay all day in the pasture. I checked on them a few times as they are know for wanting to be in the barn for a "siesta" around noon. But, no, today they stayed out all day. Poor tired little sheepies...they'll sleep good tonight!
And I know two humans who'll sleep well too! ;-)


Tina T-P said...

Oh, that is going to look sooo nice! You must be excited - I remember when I remodeled my former house - All I had in the kitchen was the sink, the fridge & the microwave - it was a long 2 months...but I got really good at microwave cooking :-) Tina

Kathy L. said...

Thanks, Tina -
It was not having any type of counter space that was driving me nuts. We saved the butcher-block counter from the demolition to put on the base cabinets until counters do come in. That way we have something to work on. And we had removed the sink as it was being re-plumbed across the room from where it was before.