Saturday, September 16, 2006

The One Who Really Runs The Barnyard

This is Josey. Her full name is "Nosey Josey". She's a three year old Speckled Sussex hen who keeps things in line around the barn and thinks she should stay in the house (not allowed) instead of in the barn with those "others".
I used to raise and show Speckled Sussex and true Ameraucana chickens. Before the sheep came I still had quite a few left. As I found out that chicken dust really gets my allergies going, I decided to reduce the number of hens I had and just keep a few for eggs and "pets". Well, I couldn't let Josey go. She's always like to sit in my lap and will even jump the fence to "help" Ralph work on his '53 Mercury, telling him exactly how she thinks things should be done.
She'll do the same with me. I have even caught her squawking at the sheep when she feels they've done something wrong. One of the ewe lambs loves to chase the chickens for fun...except she found out there's one who doesn't run but will stand her ground and firmly tell the up-start how the cow eats the cabbage and this is MY barnyard and don't you forget it.
She's definitely Snoopervisor material. And she knows it. That's the problem.
Way to go, Josey!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I love chickens. When I was an adolescent, I had a pair of pet banties when we had leghorns for eggs -- so smart (the banties, NOT the leghorns!). When I started dating my husband, they had some Rhode Island Reds, and I developed great disdain for Rick's sister because she was AFRAID of the chickens. Before I started my "sheep quest," I was campaigning for some chickens; now I don't want my attention divided any more. There's my horse Russell, the sheep, my bulldog Rosie, the barn cat Ozzie, Emma the peach-faced lovebird, and oh, and my husband and son. Yup, I think I'd better stop there!

Nancy K. said...

I LOVE chickens! I was amazed by what personalities they have.

Kathy L. said...

They do indeed! I have a few who are really sharp...along with some who are brainless. I'll ahve to get a pic of Pearl, my Ameraucana bantam. She's a hoot and another one who believes she's not a chicken!