Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why I Haven't Been Posting...

This is the stack of cabinets in my dining room. The dining room is now in a corner of the living room. When we ordered the cabinets we were told it would take six weeks to get them. They were delivered to us in about two and a half weeks, catching us unprepared for their arrival.
This second picture is of the kitchen after we removed the old cabinets and sink today. (And Boy! Are we ever tired!)
> And this third picture is of the old kitchen, now in pieces, on the back deck off the dining room. Oy! You won't believe just how glad I am to see this pld kitchen go. The plumbing is now done and this next week will see the beginning fo the electrical work. After that and some wall patching we will begin to hang the new cabinets.
The cats are being pretty good about their world being turned upside down. You see, the contents from within the old cabinetry are stacked in milk crates all over the house...but mostly in the guest room and bath. The only one who has some problems is our Elder Cat, Zuzu, who at 18 1/2 has lost most of her sight in this last month. But she's being the Trooper that she is and making her way though the canyons of cabinets and boxes - yowling out if she gets lost so I can come find her and put her right again.
So, you see I haven't been sitting watching TV and eating bon-bons these past two weeks.
Oh, how I wish I could! ;-)


Kelly said...

I was once asked by a kindly mechanically-minded individual whether it was kosher for you to block off your only source of natural light into the kitchen. Does the local building code have anything to say about that?

Kathy L. said...

Yes, everything is indeed up to code. We have friends who have kitchens the same sort of plan as ours, with the natural light coming from a "Hole in the Wall" over their sinks and the attached dining area with doors for the light. And surprisingly, quite a few of the houses we looked at when we were thinking of moving into town years ago had that same sort of set-up.

Nancy K. said...

and I thought I was tired! Pretty new cupboards!