Friday, October 20, 2006

30 Years and Counting...

Today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary. At first I was tempted to just think of it as another anniversary, another day, as we both have been through quite a bit this year. Highlights include a trip to New Zealand and our daughter's wedding, a wonderful visit from our New Zealand Family and "The Kids" here in Arizona, getting the sheep I'd been planning on for a year and making accomodations for them, a massive kitchen remodel we did ourselves, a whirlwind trip to Wyoming to pick up our ram, Skittles...and all the little things in life that happen while you're making other plans.
I am reminded on this day of what a wonderful person I married. In this day and age of everything happening at a blurred rate we have steadfastly remained a couple - something not easily done as those who have lived with one person for a long time can attest to. There's a lot of give and take. Sometimes you have to give and sometimes, even though it makes you uncomfortable, you have to take and lean on your "Other Half". There are times when one is a kite, soaring above everything just floating from place to place on the wind. And there are times when one can be an anchor, remaining grounded and solid. Sometimes you are the kite. Sometimes the anchor. But you have to remember that if it weren't for the kite the anchor would remain mired in the earth never seeing the light of day. And kite would just fly away and be torn to shreds by the wind if it were not for the anchor keeping it grounded. The trick is to realize who you are.
So, while we may not be off on an adventure to mark this date ( cruises or fancy dinners, or expensive gifts), we both know in our hearts that today is indeed special. It makes you very aware of all you've gone through together - the good and the bad, the up days and the days you wonder why you ever got married in the first place.
Life is a series of choices. I can feel good in that there's one time I know I made the right one.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Here-here, and amen!

Nancy K. said...

Congratulations! You are truly blessed. May you have 30 more years of love and respect (as well as good health and all that stuff!)


Tina T-P said...

Hey "guys" Many congratulations! I loved your analogy of the kite - wonderful -

Glad to see that Mr. S. has his own tether ball now - Thorson loves his to pieces (literally) -