Monday, October 02, 2006

Help! I'm Being Held Prisoner In Arizona! - But Wait A Minute...There Are Ladies Here!

I have had a very strange summer. First, I was in my field in a place called "Minnesota" and then my human "Mom", Nancy, helped her friend, Kim, load me into a prison cell in the back of the thing that I've seen hay brought to the farm in. I was so scared! I've never been away from home and the thing started to move! All I knew was that I wanted out. The thing was moving me farther and farther away from my home. My mom was crying and she mentioned something about a place called "Arizona", whatever that was.
All I knew to do was bang on the walls of the little place I was put in. It was hard to stand 'cause the Thing that was moving me was moving very fast and bumping me all around. I banged, and banged, but it didn't help.
Later, the Thing stopped and I was put into a pen inside a place called a barn. I was by myself. I could smell that there were others here and I could hear them talking but I didn't know where I was or how to get home. I missed my pasture and the other guys. I couldn't figure out what was going on.
Summer was starting to change into Fall and the Kim-human feeding me came and put me in that Thing again and we started going a long way this time. At first I thought I was going home, Kim and another human called "Bob" kept the Thing moving day and night. I couldn't sleep. I kept banging on the Thing to see if I could get out, but I couldn't even dent it.
After a long time we stopped. I thought I would finally be set free but when the door of the Thing opened there were strange humans with Kim and Bob. One of them tried to feed me a cookie like Mom used to do but I didn't want it. She put something on my head and told me it was OK to come out. But I was more afraid of coming out into this very strange place. Then Bob and another human they called Ralph helped me out of the Thing. I thought I would be free, but they picked me up and put me right into another Thing! Then the human called Kathy gave me some water. I was so thirsty and I hadn't had anything to drink in a long while.
Soon, this Thing started to move again. I looked out and it sure didn't look like Minnesota any more. After a while, it got dark. We would stop for a short time and they would put something they called "gas" into the moving Thing. Kathy would try to give me water and food, but I wasn't too hungry...just tired and tired of being in the Thing.
Then, when it was very dark, we stopped for a longer period. Kathy and Ralph were still inside the moving thing, but they were quiet. Once and a while Kathy would check on me and make sure I had water and hay. I was so tired I laid down and slept.
After a bit they got ready to move again. But I was tired and wanted to sleep. It didn't matter. We started to move again.
It was dark and I couldn't see out of the Thing very well. I had good footing and was comfortable standing. Once and a while I would lay down. I wondered if this was going to be my life now.
When the sun came up, we stopped at a place Kathy said was Arizona. It was near a big pond. Kathy and Ralph said that we would soon be "home". And we started to move again. We weren't moving for too long a time before the Thing stopped and the humans were opening the back of the Thing and putting the halter on my head again. They said we were home.
I was so happy to get out of the Thing that I almost jumped over Ralph as he tried to lift me from the Thing! Soon, I was in a pasture again with green grass! It smelled wonderful, but I was so tired I didn't want to eat. Kathy walked me around for a bit then we headed for a barn I had never seen before.
And I could smell and hear other sheep! I wasn't alone! But Kathy put me in a pen by myself and explained that I had to stay there until the morning to rest. There were the funniest birds there. They called themselves "chickens" and they talked most of the night telling me about everything. A couple of them seemed OK, but some of them were just talking to hear themselves talk. There was a little rooster called "Slick" there just balbbering on and on about how he was the boss of everyone and everything. That was until he saw me. He got real quiet after that.
There was plenty of grass hay and I got a great sleep. In the morning, Kathy came and put that halter on me again and led me out into a pen just for me! She said I had to stay in quarantine for a while. I thought I was in Arizona, not Quarantine. But the nicest thing was that I could see other sheep! And I could talk to them and they could talk to me. It was far away though. There are two fences between us. I can only hope that someday we can all be together. I miss being with other sheep.
The sun is shining. I have lots of food and water and even toys to play with.
It's not Minnesota but maybe it will be a nice place to live. And Kathy says that someday my mom, Nancy, may come for a visit. Maybe they are friends. And I can see (and smell) that there are ewes here. Hmmm.
Maybe, just maybe, Arizona will turn out to be a nice home after all. I hope so.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Welcome to your new home, Skittles! I am sure you will become very fond of Arizona just as soon as you get introduced to your flock, because they are bound to fawn over you, you handsome thing. Remember to pace yourself!

Kelly said...

<sniffle> I'm glad you aren't in the Thing anymore, Skittles!

Nancy K. said...

I am SO happy that Skittles has finally made it to his new home! What an adventure!! I'm sure he'll be happy there with his wonderful new owners and yes, I WILL come and visit them all sometime soon...


Nancy ~ just returned home and with tons of unpacking and pictures to download!

Nancy K. said...

So how's the big guy settling in? It looks like he's got a gorgeous stall! Have you turned him out on grass yet? Poor guy hasn't been on pasture since he left here in July! I'm sure you'll get some awesome babies from him next spring.