Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Know, I Know...

This is Ziggy, our "Sumo-Kitty", weighing in at 10 kilos. (Sounds better than 22 lbs. doesn't it?) Zig and my friend, Nancy K., have reminded me that I need to update this blog. And they're right....
We have been extremely busy with getting little things done in the kitchen in preparation for our counter tops to be installed on the 23rd. I can hardly wait to start cooking real meals again! We are getting very tired of Take-Away and Microwave Meals and I'm sure they're not very good for our health.
And I have been recovering from the mad dash to get Skittles, the Ram, here. Whenever I travel and particularly when there is a change of altitude involved, I flare up to where I can hardly move for about three days. It just goes with the arthritis and the Fibro, so I have come to expect to do "Light Duty" on those days.
This time, however, our getting back coincided with a big change in the weather. It was like adding "insult to injury" as my mother used to say. And yes, I am finally coming out of that as well. So it's time to get back into the swing of things! :)
Skittles has decided that he definitely wants to be outside. This morning when I opened up that end of the barn I found myself staring, eyeball to eyeball, with Mr. Skittles. He had managed to tear out the hardware Ralph used to mount the pen into the cinderblock wall. Oh, it can be repaired, but I took this as Skit saying, "Listen! I was in a barn all darned summer long and I'm NOT going to stay in here unless it's snowing! OK?"
The thing was...I couldn't help from laughing as all the chickens were squawking at Skit with their little chicken-eyes bugging out! Skit must've just gotten out as nothing was really damaged and only the chicken feeder had been tipped over. But the look on the chickens' faces was priceless and gave me a good chuckle to start the day with.
I can't blame him for wanting out either. And for some reason, he's really bonded with me, not overly chummy but respectful. But I know he needs a friend in with him, or some ladies in there to keep him occupied. He'll just have to wait until his quarantine is over and it's time for a turn in with the girls.
And Ziggy has been following me all around the house today just purring away for the pure joy of it. He's been my Best Buddy today.
He doesn't even mind if smell a little, just a little, like a sheep. :)

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Tina T-P said...

Ziggy is very handsome - you should show him off at Weekend Cat Blogging!

John just wormed & did feet on everyone - put three girls in with Thorson - & one is going south to Mt. Vernon today (about 30 miles) to her new home. I'll be posting pictures of the fire drill that was on my blog in the next week or so. Have a great weekend. When does Skittles get to meet your girls? T.