Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's Almost Time!

This is Lacey, one of the two girls I will be putting in with Skittles next weekend. Lacey is one of the sweetist sheep I have ever known. If she were a dog and could come in the house, she would think she was in heaven. Lacey's got a wonderful personality and passes it on to her lambs. My DH's Best Buddy, Colin, is one of Lacey's lambs as is his sister, Loretta. The three of them are the first to meet me, the first to check out my pockets for "cookies" and the first to lay their heads in my lap for some attention. I hope she'll pass on her friendly traits again next spring.
And this is Amanda. Amanda is a bit more stand-offish. She'll wait on the sidelines to see IF I'm handing out anything good before she makes her way over to me. I have noticed that her daughter, Ailee, was the same way at first. Now Ailee will refuse her breakfast of yummy hay to first see if I have anything good in my hand or pocket. Amanda is a large ewe, as far as Shetlands go. But this time of year it's hard to tell what anyone looks like as they are all balls of fleece on four little legs. :) Both girls are now batting their long eyelashes at Skittles every morning trying to out-do each other. It will be interesting to see how they all get along and just how long it will take 'til the girls lose interest in Skit...ahem, another way of saying they won't be needing him any longer. ;)
The days have been nice here at Sheep Thrills, aka Oleo Acres - one of the cheaper spreads. The days are sunny and being at our high elevation means that even when it's 49 F you start sweating due to the strength of the sun. But as soon as that sun goes behind the mountain, cold descends rapidly and you find you must have a sweatshirt and a jacket on. Soon, a wool hat will be needed as well.
The chickens "rooming" in with the sheep right now are almost finished with their molting. The sheep are bothered by feathers in their water and each morning I try to clean out what the chooks have shed out the night before. This is the first year in a very long time that I have not put a light on a night to keep egg production up and running. I think the hens deserve a rest. I would hate to give birth every day throughout the year without getting a break. They are getting older and most places would have them in a soup pot by now, but they have served us well and deserve the rest and re-coop-eration.
I'll hate it if I have to buy eggs at the store to supplement our supply during the holidays. My DH will too, as I will stand for half an hour checking each carton making exclaimations as to the sizes and quality of each one. Oh well...What we all wouldn't do for our animals, right?

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Tina T-P said...

I had a conversation with a friend one time about "cookin chickens" - and when I hastily replied "I don't eat my friends!" - he replied - "We don't name our chickens" - We've had quite a laugh about that over the years. My three little hens that we have left get the winter off and still give me enough eggs to sell some to the neighbors over the summer - John won't let them in with the sheep tho, he says they make too much mess, and they, unfortunately are not polite enough to stay out of his garden... hhmmph...

Have you looked at any of the natural foods stores to see if they have pie pumpkins? So many of the stores don't even carry them - don't know the difference most of the time. Is your growing season long enough if you plant them inside to start them? I'll send you some of our seed!

The little boys have been "bad boys" this weekend - knocking over fence posts - and we think that Cimarron is behind most of it - his grandfather's grandson, so to speak - Rob would take on anything or any-body - Hopefully Cimmaron is not going to be quite that bad. We don't have a play station out front for them, I think that would go a long ways towards curbing their bashing the fence...but I'm not in charge of that part...

Have fun putting everyone together this week! I always laugh to see the faces of the girls, who have been making eyes at this guy for weeks, then go "EEEKK! It's a Boy and mom, he's chasing me!" LOL Well, I'd better go check on dinner. Later, T.