Friday, January 05, 2007

"Da Boyz"

Here he is, Himself! Skittles and the (blasted) tire! He loves that thing! I gave up the Horse-Ball-A-Month Club and Ralph and I installed a tire that our Vet graciously donated to the cause.

And here are the two boys, Skittles and his Little Buddy, Colin, together in the ram pen. Yes, Folks, Colin was moved in with the Big Guy on New Year's Eve. At first Skit thought he'd hit the jackpot and we were giving him another ewe to "play" with, but upon closer inspection found Colin to be a semi-guy. At first I thought I would have to be prepared to run in and drag Colin out if Skit decided to vent his post-breeding frustrations on him, but things went smoothly, acutally.
The first few days were touch-y as Colin wasn't quite sure about this sheep who was way bigger than his mom or sister. One day I had to actually force him back in with Skittles when he decided to go Walk-about on the way to the barn for evening feeding. Eventually he did go in, but reluctantly.
Today was a different matter all together. I was fighting the wind and driving snow while I was putting the girls in on their side and making sure all the chickens were in and all had food and water. I could then turn my attention to the boys.
When I looked up from hiding in my zipped-to-the-top coat I was treated to the site of first Skittles chasing Colin around the Ram Pen, then a 180 degree turn-around and Colin chasing Skittles and giving him a gentle butt in the rear! They were playing! Off they would go, racing around and chasing "invisibles" in the pen until they finally realized that I had finished in the barn and they were being watched. As soon as I opened the gate, Colin bounded off toward their pen in the barn with Skittles hot on his heels. It was as if they had known each other all their lives.
I was very relieved to see it happen. It was then I noticed the two of them looking in the direction of the pen.
I turned around. Here was the tire...flat on the ground! The clip holding it to the post had been broken by brute strength.

It was then I heard it...the two sets of chuckling from the barn.
Curses! Foiled again!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Kathy, are you SURE you want a white Shetland? Your colored flock looks so pretty in the snow, but a white sheep looks, well, absolutely GRUNGY! Maybe after you move to Oregon.... :-)

Kathy L. said...

The goal is actually at least one of each color! (Heeheehee)

But the grunge washes off, Michelle...or are you trying to tell me your whites never come clean? :)

Kelly said...

I smell a video opportunity! Time to dig out that digital camcorder and take some moving pictures of sheep playing in the snow. :)

Leigh said...

Sheep toys! This is great.