Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Actually Do Something With Wool!

OK, OK...I have been promising that I will actually post a few pictures of some of the yarns I make with the fleece or rovings I have. Here you see a basket filled with a variety of yarns...some are 3 & 4-ply rug yarn as well as delicate 2-ply laceweight yarn.I really do enjoy spinning these up. There is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a raw fleece finish up as a beautiful yarn, knowing that you had something to do with it.Here's a shawl I did years ago. It's made of handspun 2-ply yarn from a fleece I won in a wool show. I had to enter a fine 2-ply yarn and first prize was the first prize fleece from one of the sheep entered in the show. I suspect that the fleece was from a young Karakul. I never got to see it as I was living in Kansas and the show I had entered was in California. It was a beautiful color, but quite different from the Romney and Perendale I had usually spun at that time. Some of the rug yarns in the first two pictures are from the same fleece. The yarn I did for the shawl was a finer 2-ply and I remember trying very hard to spin that fleece to keep some sort of softness in the yarn. While the shawl is a nice piece, it does not have the "hand". or feel, I would like to see in a shawl.In this picture you can get an idea of the openness of the weave and a hint of the yarn. The color of the yarn made it difficult to see the separate plies in the yarn.

Tomorrow I will try to take some better pictures of some of the lighter colored skeins I have and will put something in the photos that you can get an idea of the size of yarns. The light wasn't very good this evening and I was pooped!

Ralph and I remodeled the ram's quarters in the barn today, replacing wire panels with good stout lumber. We also moved a poultry hutch I have into the barn for penning the chickens each night. It seems Skittles really doesn't like the chickens! I watched, in secret, to see why Skit was banging on his pen. After all, he was in with his best buddy, Colin...and had plenty of food and water. But I noticed that he continued to bang on the wire panels - even with a device called a "ram shield" blocking part of his vision.
Then I saw it...a hen walked too close to Skittles' pen and, Wham! Skittles charged the panel at exactly chicken-height. After letting him outside into his pen with his tire-toy I saw the same thing happen. Our hen, Josie, walked over to the boys' fenceline, determined to scrounge for any overlooked piece of oat or corn from a handful I gave the boys. Skittles ran from across the pen just to bang the wire fence at Josie-height. Josie wasn't phased in the least but Skit kept trying to butt her until she finally tired of her game and left to join the other chickens. I was starting to think she knew exactly what she was doing and delighted in tormenting poor Skittles.

So, tomorrow I will also try to take pictures of the new pen as well. But for now, it's a hot shower, a fistfull of ibuprofen and my pain meds, and a good book for the night.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I can't believe the show didn't give you any documentation on the fleece you won! I would think anyone interested in winning a fleece would want to know at least the breed of the sheep....

Did you knit or weave the shawl? You have quite the stash of handspun there! Here I am, plotting what I'm going to make with my handspun (I think my first project is going to be a felted bag), while you are just accumulating it! :-)

Kathy L. said...

Well, Michelle...

As for the "stash" - I've been spinning for about 25 - 30 years, so one does tend to collect the skeins. :) Good thing I don't have to send them to college! And I've had my loom put away for about 10 years due to health reasons - I am just now able to get back into the weaving end of things. Hooray!

That show was years ago...I don't even remember where it was (the second thing to go is the mind) only that it was one of the few shows handspinners could enter. I did get the tag they used to place it first, but they only said I was to get the winning fleece, nothing more. (sniff)