Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Winter Update

Finally! The storms and winds have passed giving everyone a chance to actually enjoy being outside this morning. Here you see the sheep, out dining "al Fresco" along with a few of the chickens out poking around to see if they can find anything of value to eat the sheep have overlooked.
Our storms over the weekend weren't really bad storms for this area, just cold and wind straight out of the north. I shouldn't even complain about any of this as before we know it, when June gets here, I'll be wishing for cool or cold weather again.
And for all the "Loretta Watchers" - You can just make out Loretta's bandages amongst the hungry throng of sheep. She's doing much better now that she's allowed to be with all the others during the day. At night she is put in a jug (A small pen in sheep-talk) by herself to keep the others from eating or tearing off her bandages. The bandages will come off as soon as the skin re-covers her open wounds.
I have been working on gaining Loretta's trust again. My pockets have many cookies in them and she'll take them out of my hand but she's very leery of me. I would be, too, if someone was wrestling me around trying to put things on my head when all I want is the itchy stuff off altogether. I'm sure she'll come around with time.
Here you see my loom...Yes! I,m making a space to have it out and working again! I've missed weaving and it's time to get in there and start up again. It isn't in place yet as I want to dust it off and lube the moving parts before opening it up entirely. Last night I found myself thumbing through pattern books trying to decide what I wanted to do. I will be doing small things, slowly, so I don't flare up any hands or other body parts or awaken the "Arthritis Beast". I find myself looking forward to when I will be weaving with my own Shetland handspun. But I know I need to practice a bit before tackling something too grand.

Any requests?

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hey, I really need some new seat cushions for my dining room chairs! The old ones, of the stuffed pillow variety, are grungy after 15 years and the ties have ripped out. I just need four, so that would be small projects -- right? :-)