Thursday, February 08, 2007

Better Living Through Chemistry!

I wish I could claim these very green pastures as mine, but, sadly, they are not. These pastures belong to a grammar school near my daughter and son-in-law's house in the Mt. Albert area of New Zealand. I snapped a few pictures as I was walking to the mall that's near the Kids' house. The school keeps animals as part of the curriculum. Yes, they start them early appreciating sheep in New Zealand! I thought it was wonderful...but I think just about anything with sheep is wonderful. This is a beautiful area of New Zealand and I am finding that
I miss it right about now. Everything is brown or covered with snow here. I know a lot of my sheepy-friends are battling drastically cold temperatures right now. Maybe a bit of green will cheer them up. :)

My title of today's entry comes as a result of a new medication that's entered my life. With degenerative processes happening in my spine and joints, I had been plagued with terrible shooting pains from my lower back down my left leg. Everything became painful and I was not appreciating the little joys I find in life everyday due to the overwhelming nagging pain I had to deal with. The pain also wore me out to the extent that I couldn't even enjoy watching a good program on TV with my DH. Even my feet hummed constantly from the nerves being so worked up all the time.

That is until Lyrica entered the scene. It started with the pinched nerve Ralph had near his right shoulder. It was driving him mad from pain and nerves firing off down his arm. The Dr. put him on Lyrica and within a day he was back to his normal cheerful disposition. He urged me to talk to my Dr. about it...and urged me, and urged me. So, I talked to my Dr. and was, indeed, prescribed Lyrica. After just two days on this new medication, I have been able to cut back on the narcotic pain-killers I had to take and found myself actually enjoying life again. It is truly miraculous!
Now, I do have to admit that it did make me a bit dizzy at first. I even had to wait and ask Ralph to go with me to the barn to put sheep away that first evening, lest I pass out in the barnyard to become part of the chickens' dinner or trampled by sheep running me over to get their evening meal. After that first day, and one of the doctors I know telling me how to take it to avoid much of the side effects, I have become almost free of any annoying dizziness, etc.
I am amazed. Where has this been all the last ten years? I wish I had known about it sooner. Oh, I still have some other problems that I have to contend with daily as well as knowing that this Lyrica is possibly merely masking pain. But I feel as though I can now get through a day without wanting to run, screaming, down the road waving my arms. Anyone with chronic pain will tell you they fear trying to sit still in the evening hours. If you keep moving the pain can not catch you...until you stop, then it comes on with a vengeance. Maybe now I can be human again.

So, I feel it necessary to thank all chemists - my daughter included - for working on everything that does make life better for people. In fact, where would we all be if it weren't for the scientists working on all sorts of things making our lives easier? I think we should have an International Scientist Appreciation Day and let these people know that we do appreciate everything they do for all of us, in every walk of life. I, for one, want to say "Thank you".

Move over "Moose Day"*..."Hug A Scientist Day" is on its way! :-)

Thought for Today:

"You should have three things in life:
-Something to do
-Something to love
-Something to hope for"
-Buddhist Saying-

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