Tuesday, February 13, 2007

On A Foggy Morning...

We had a foggy Arizona morning this morning. As you can see by this little moose who sits near the front door of the house. We have a family joke regarding moose...it seems when our daughter was in university and in need of buying a used car, somehow we came up with some money to help her get one. As her father gave her the money, and she said thanks, he came out with "Well, Happy Moose Day." It stuck. Now anytime we do something nice unexpectedly for anyone, we call it Moose Day. And this little garden moose with the smile on his face is a reminder to keep having Moose Day for those we love.
Here are the new gates that my DH made for Skittles and his "Little Buddy", Colin. These came after Skittles tore the heck out of welded wire panels we used before. This required a little detective work on my part (and being an old detective, I enjoyed it). What was bothering Skittles was not being in a barn...it was the chickens! Yes, Folks...I have a chicken-hater ram! He would wait until a likely victim would walk close to his pen, then he would lower his head and...WHAM! Now the chickens would just look at him, and I think I heard laughing but I couldn't tell who was laughing...Skittles or the chickens?
You have to understand my chickens. They are rather quite laid-back bird-folk who keep trying to tell me I am their minion, not the other way 'round, you see. I am the one to do their bidding and a few of them are determined they should live in the house with us.Anyway, now I pen the chickens at night and Skittles does not try to ram his way through a pen any longer. I even confirmed my suspicion by watching him in his ram-pen...yup, as soon as a chicken walked by his head went down and , wham! Right into the fenceline at chicken-height. Maybe his mother was frightened by a chicken?

So, now we have a nice pen for "The Skipper and his Little Buddy".

We also have a divider to make two smaller jugs out of this pen. This summer when I have nothing better to do, I will paint the cinderblocks white as we have done in the ewes side of the barn. The white paint made a huge difference in the light as well as "ambiance" of the place.
For the most part, our dusting of snow this morning disappeared leaving in its stead muck. There's no other name for it but "muck". It'll suck the gumboots right off your feet if you're not careful. :)
But the girls seem to like it and dined "al Fresco" this morning.Here's Amanda, wondering if I have those infamous "cookies" in my pocket. After I took the snap she went right back over with the others and pretended that I wasn't there. We servants are not supposed to be seen after we have attended to the needs of our masters, you know.

As for me, I'm going to enjoy the warmish day and wait for Round 2 to start this evening. It will be nice to be inside with a fire going. Anyone up for a cuppa?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Nice gates!

Amanda looks more like Valentine than I realized.

Me - me- me! A cup of anything "unleaded"!

Leigh said...

The Moose Day idea is great! I love it. Your boys look pretty happy in their pen. Funny about those chickens!

Tina T-P said...

I don't know, a strawberry margarita in a heart shaped glass sounds good about now. I'm taking care of the sheepies - they all look at me and go "Who are YOU?" I sat down on the bench in the barn and Gwennie came over and sniffed my pants - "Nope, this is definately NOT dad!" LOL We'll see how I do tomorrow a.m. with the sack of sheep ration - it's raining too hard to try to bring it in tonight. Just gave my DH more drugs and we'll see if he can get up for some soup for dinner. Happy Valentines Day! T.

sheperdchik said...

I love your gates!...but I have a gate fetish...they look so fancy! Did he use a pattern or make it up himself?

Kathy L. said...

He used his own plan and bought 2 x 6's for them with the heaviest hardware he could find. They ARE wonderful to use - very sturdy. I have still seen Skittles watching underneath the gates for chicken feet, but we don't hear him banging like he did before.

sheperdchik said...

I like the moose day thing! How clever. The frosty chickens in the photo is neat too.