Monday, April 09, 2007

How We Spent Our Weekend...

After the "Great Tire Disaster of '07" we see Ralph hard at work trying to redo Skittles post and tire, plus a new post for the gate into the ram's pen. We jacked the 6 x 6 post up out of the ground, Ralph re-dug the hole for it, then we placed the post back into the hole - this time adding two bags of quick drying cement with it! All I can say is OMG those posts are heavy! I "helped" but was of little use I'm afraid. I just can't sling those things around like I used to. Ralph did the majority of the work on this project.

And there's always time to stop and give a buddy a scratch in the right place...Skit insisted that Ralph take a few moments to pay attention to himself. He was the "Snoopervisor" on this particular job curiously inspecting the project from start to finish. As soon as everything was done and the tire re-hung through a new eye-bolt (Skit snapped the 3/8" bolt clean off so Ralph went to 1/2" this time.), we could hear the "thunk" of happiness as the happy ram went back to the second thing he lives for in life.After the job was all over, Ralph took Colin out for a bit of a walk around the place to spend a little quality time with his "Bud". But, having a bit of a sit-down was just too much for the "real" Queen of the Barnyard, Miss Nosey-Josey herself! So Ralph and Colin had to be thoroughly inspected and given a talking to by Josey as to why she was not allowed to view the project at close range, giviing instructions for proper installment of the post and tire.

But that was only Saturday......

Sunday was a whole different ballgame!

On a trip into town, we saw a nice, small Globe Willow tree on sale at "the bad place", Home Depot. We call it "the bad place" because every time we're in there we come out with more than what we went in for AND we've spent enough money in there they should name an isle for us. :)
We'd been wanting to plant a tree between the barn corral and the little creek that runs through the pasture giving shade to both. And as you well good deed goes unpunished.

We were putting things away in the barn when we looked over to see what Colin and Skittles were up to with the realigned posts and tire. But something was wrong. We started to walk over to have a closer look at the boys when I noticed blood on Colin's right ear. The first thing I thought was that he had gotten his eartag caught on something and ripped it out of the ear. But no, I could see the tag was still there. Then I noticed it. Colin's right horn was definitely way shorter than the other horn.

At first, we thought he'd snapped just the tip of the horn off. It was then we finally caught him and had a closer look. No, it wasn't the horn was the whole outer horn covering that had come off leaving only the soft tissue underneath it exposed!Ralph got a halter on Colin and I walked the fenceline trying to find any evidence of what had happened. I didn't see a thing. I went over to help Ralph and noticed a drip, drip, drip of blood coming from the horn tissue. That's what caused his ear and shoulder to be wet...they were wet with blood.
I got out the first aid kit and immediately doused him with blood-stop powder. The powder didn't completely work...we had to make a decision to call the vet on Easter Sunday. I saw the look in Ralph's eyes...his buddy was hurt and needed help, so I dialed the vet's office.
Within minutes Dr. Moore had called me back. He'd stop by the clinic then be right out. Always as good as his word, he showed up about 20 minutes later. While we were waiting for him, I was applying pressure to open areas of Colin's horn and Ralph walked the pen again, looking for any sort of clue. Then, about 10 feet away from the fenceline Ralph found Colin's horn. It had come off with such force to send it flying! Along that side of the fenceline Ralph found one spot of blood - that was all, just one spot of blood. It must've happened as we were planting the tree, but we never saw or heard a thing.Dr. Moore cauterized as much of the horn tissue that he could to stop the bleeding then wrapped the exposed tissue, finally taping it to keep the bandages in place. Just imagine someone ripping their entire fingernail off leaving exposed nail-bed...that's very close to what this would feel like. Colin also got a shot of antibiotics to prevent infection. We decided to put him in the barn so we could better keep an eye on him.

As it was, when we found him he had started to go into shock. If we had not seen this at the time we did, I don't think Colin would've been with us today. He must have a Guardian Angel watching over him.

I suspect Colin got his horn caught in the fence and lost the horn in his struggle to free himself from his entanglement. We have decided that when he is over this trauma we will take him in to Dr. Moore to have the other horn clipped off to where it won't be as easy to get him into trouble. This has alot to do with genetics...Colin inherited genes for horns that grow dangerously close to his head. That's why we had him wethered in the first place - his horns were coming in so close we had to decide to either have him castrated or eat him. I could not call myself a reputable breeder if I let these genes continue and Ralph is very fond of Colin - so, he's now a fiber-producing-pet. :)

We weren't the only ones worried about Colin. During all of this activity, Skittles paced the fenceline fretting about his "Little Buddy". Skit's very protective of Colin. And I had to laugh when Dr. Moore told me that his answering service didn't mention that I was talking about the "wether snapping a horn off"...he said all he could think about was that it was Skittles who had snapped the horn and he was very thankful it was Colin instead.Well,'ll just have to make-do with the tire for now. You're "Little Buddy" has to recuperate at bit before he can come out to play. And thank you, Ralph...for the video camera where I can watch Colin to make sure he's OK.

As for me...I think I need a vacation...


Tina T-P said...

Oh, poor Colin - Poor Kathy & Ralph! Hope all healing goes well. (just into work at 1:00 - had jury duty this a.m. - luckily not called this time - still have two weeks left for them to choose me tho.) T.

Kelly said...

Poor Colin...but the pictures worked!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I got your email and darted over to your blog to see what you were talking about. So glad you found Colin when you did!!! So who is going to keep Skit company? Will he be okay with just a tire?

Kathy L. said...

I'm not sure if we'll put anyone in with Skit...not that he's dangerous - after all we didn't see him do anything - but Colin in no way even wanted to go near the ram pen. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Lisa said...

I'm glad he's okay! I had a little ram lamb do the same thing earlier this year, poor guy. Yay for vets that make farm calls.