Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Sometimes, if you're very lucky, you get to see a "gem" in life. As you can tell from this picture of Max (left) and Shadow (right) I had a rare jewel staring me right in the face today. Literally.Most of you have seen Shadow's picture here before. Shadow was abandoned in our neighborhood when the renters next door moved out leaving him and another cat to fend for themselves. Shadow wouldn't get near anyone but me. I kept leaving food out for him after I saw him fighting crows for bread crusts one day. After we became friends he followed me into the house and, well, you know how the rest goes. That was almost 11 years ago.
Max had been dumped at the farm of a person Ralph works with. When she decided to sell her place and move into town in 2001, she asked us if we would take Max. Being the softies we are we said sure...what's one more, right? It was thought that Max was about 8 when we took him in. One thing was for certain - someone in Max's early life had abused him. It took years for him to warm up to people and he is still very much afraid of loud noises and people talking in a loud voice. But he sits with me in my chair every night and watches TV with us. He's even been known to sleep between Ralph's legs when he comes to bed and Ralph's sound alseep...but he won't get near men in general (although he likes Hugo, Ross' dad).

I just thought I would share two of the "gems" in my life with you...especially since they were so kind to plan this photo-op. (And being cats you
know they planned this, right? ;-)

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Tina T-P said...

I got a little treat for Max & Shadow at PetsMart last night - I'll get it in the mail in the next couple of days :-) Tina