Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Masked Ram Strikes Again!

Yes,'s happened again! Who was that masked ram that had a wild time with my girls about 147 days ago?

We got home from town about 1 p.m. only to find Amanda in labor. I had gone down to the barn to check on her and waved frantically at the Sheep-O-Vision monitor. Ralph got the message and was down in a flash to see if there was something he could help with. But he was able to get a picture of me tryng to force Amanda into a jug before someone hit the ground, literally!

The first lamb was big (they both were) and at first I thought all was well...two feet and a nose between starting the voyage into this world. But, wait a minute, that's ONE foot! When I went in to examine the situation more closely, I saw that what I thought were two feet was actually one giant foot! The lamb was not in total proper position for entry into its new orbit. It was too far out to push it back in to correct, so gently but firmly, I pulled. Out popped a large Shetland ram lamb!

Amanda, being Amanda, made it known that she had everything under control, thank you, and now you can go about your business away from here. We both just sat and waited. About 15 minutes later, a second large ram lamb was delivered. Drat! I was hoping for girls...I will have to speak to Skittles about this.
Now we have a second family jugged safely in the barn - and all are doing well. I have to admit these little ram lambs are so cute! Someday I hope they will have a group of ladies all their own. For now, they are Amanda's.

She just allows me to grace her presence once and a while. Thank you, Amanda.


Kelly said...

That Sheep-o-vision picture is good, but I'm just waiting for the live webcast. Maybe by next season!!

You must all feel very relieved that everyone has arrived safely and that all of the arrivals are over! Now on to raising the little ones.

Congratulations, grandsheepmommy!

sheperdchik said...

Congrats kathy! Is this the last of the ewes to lamb? I too, am getting ramblings. So far, no ewe lambs from my registered shetlands, just rams. I do have 4 little ewe lambs from Zorro but those are from my wooly girls and not the shetlands. I still have a few chances at the ewe lambs... we aren't nearly done lambing yet. I have 4 left to go in my first group and then the 2nd group will start around the middle of May, but those girls were bred to Ringo, not Zorro.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Congratulations again! You have a market for the rams; now you'll have to drive up here to see me and get some ewes from Lois. :-) After seeing Valentine's fleece and photos, breeder Franna Pitt has also decided she needs a ewe or two from Lois....

Anyway, you said nothing about color or markings or horn buds or names, so I expect to see another post soon, okay? I'm waiting to find out if any of my fleeces sold at Shepherds Extravaganza, and then I'll have a new post up.

Leigh said...

Very exciting stuff! Congratulations!