Friday, April 13, 2007

Of Course! I Should Have Realized What Day It Was!

I should have remembered earlier this week that this Friday is the 13th. That would explain the way things have been going around here lately.
At the end of last month, my DH went to ISC West in Las Vegas. Normally I would have gone with him as I enjoy seeing what's new on the security systems front, marvelling each year at just how small cameras are getting and what's new in protective barriers for buildings as well as new systems for police vehicles. I stayed home this year to watch the sheep and cats as our normal "sitter" person was in Italy with her daughter. My DH was only gone for a few days. The problem came the day after he got back.
We were out touring through the yearly home show when I noticed my other half not looking too well...actually looking a bit ashen. It seems he not only brought me Ethel M chocolates but a nice case of the flu as well. I felt so badly for him as he had to leave the next day for a week-long law enforcement management training seminar. The poor guy was miserable. And I thought I had dodged the bullet. Boy was I wrong.
This past Wednesday I had the "Mother-of-all-split-my-head-open" migraines with body-wide joint aches as well. I was hoping Ralph would take pity on me and come in the bedroom where I had sought quiet darkness for relief and shoot me but all I could hear was laughter as he spent the evening downloading "Shaun the Sheep" from YouTube. Curse him!
I remembered thinking on how Amanda's lambing should be due and oh, please-God-not-tonight-I-can't-move playing over and over in my pounding head. Thursday morning I knew that my wonderful mate had indeed shared his flu with me. But you know shepherds, flu or not, you've got to be ready for those lambs so yesterday saw me getting jugs ready in earnest as today marks the start of actual lambing possibility. It was 147 days ago that Skittles and the girls were penned up together.
I know that Lacey's lambs are not due for at least another week as we were actual witnesses/voyeurs to the, er, um,...well, you get the picture. ;-) But Amanda is our shy gal and from the looks of her bag - very much more developed than Lacey's - we feel she'll be the first one to lamb this year.

Last night I stayed up until 1 a.m. making sure that Amanda wasn't in labor as she had acted a bit "suspicious" yesterday. I should have known it was more the weather change than lambing as this is what we awoke to this morning. I also remembered that all the sheep were acting strange yesterday as we had tremendous winds preceding this storm.
I don't recommend the combination of lambing and the flu. I'm on the mend but we've heard from friends in the medical field that this "stuff" going around our neck of the woods has been notorious for hanging on for three weeks. I am becoming a believer as this is the third week my DH has had the effects of it lingering on. Oh, joy! Something to look forward to. (Note to Self - No flu at lambing next year!)

But, on a brighter note...I did receive a package from our friendly UPS was a box of the new fibers I ordered to mix in with fleece as I card or comb them. When spun these glistening fibers will add a new depth and dimension to the yarns. Oooo...sparklies! Even in the fuzziness of the flu-impaired brain I just sat and pondered the possibilities. I can hardly wait to try them!
The picture doesn't even begin to do them justice. There are colors such as peacock blue and green, copper and rose gold (that will be great in Skittles, Loretta and Colin's wools) and a few different types of clears and whites that reflect everything from multi-colors to a sort of iridescent blue off the white fiber. The blues and greens will look great in indigo-dyed wool with a bit of green wool thrown in. The mind boggles with thoughts of combinations and possibilities...or is it just boggled with the flu?
In any case, I hope every one of you has a great Friday the 13th. Keep your fingers crossed that I see Amanda in labor early enough to get her into a nice clean jug for her delivery as well as it being an easy delivery for both ewe and shepherdess.
I remember one thought crossing my mind as I turned out the lights of the barn at 1 a.m....
-not tonight, Dear...I have a headache....-


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I bought some of that oh-so-pretty Angelina fiber, too, only mine is in mixed colorways. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I DID spin for over an hour last night! (Hooray for Hubby-Out-of-Town-Trips! But mine better not bring back a virulent bug!) I probably would have spun longer but I used up all the Lincoln lamb locks I had prepared and I apparently have this thing about working up one fiber at a time until it is all gone before starting on another. (And I wonder why my sister teases me about being compulsive.)

So sorry to hear that you're sick! That Dannon immune-boosting drink isn't working, eh? I actually bought some at the Grocery Outlet yesterday, and it's tasty. I do hope Amanda waits until you're feeling a bit better!

Kelly said...

Ooh, you put labels on your post! Good work! If only there was a link to the site you bought the fibers from...but I suppose I can forgive you since you're feeling so awful.

I hope you feel better soon!! Let us know how the lambing goes!