Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where Have You Been All My Life?

It's here! I can't imagine how I've gone without one of these for the past 30 years. This is my marvelous new toy - an electric Ertoel Roberta Spinner. But I need to go back a bit to tell you how it got here:
I have always been interested in these electronic spinners. Now, before I get into discussing this spinner with all of you, I do want to say that I still love, and will always love, spinning with both of my traditional human-treadled spinning wheels. But I also came to the realization that with some health issues leering at me, I needed to see if there was a better way for me to be more productive as a handspinner without having to either hurt myself, or be so slow I never got anything done. The Roberta Spinner was the answer.
I had talked with several people who already own Roberta spinners and something became very evident - everyone I talked to said they loved this contraption and would not part with it...that it was wonderful to spin on and was a very comfortable tool to use. People also mentioned how portable it was and that you could even place it on a coffee table and spin while you sat on the couch or chair. Wait a mean that I could sit comfortably in my recliner and still spin? And it's quiet enough to use while both my DH and I were watching TV? Well, the more investigating I did as to the use of an electric spinner, the more I found that a machine such as this could really make things easier for me.

So, I started searching for a used one at luck. People loved these things so much that they didn't part with them. And if you did happen to find one used, it went for the same price as a new one. Hmmmm. Interesting. The next move was contacting the company who makes them and get more information. But the more information I got, the more I realized that: 1. These were a great tool to have, 2. I could up my production and thereby have more handspun yarns to use weaving, knitting, etc. , 3. That if I were finding this tool making my life easier, how many others of my age were finding themselves in the same situation? One thing led to another and before I knew it, voile! I became a dealer for Ertoel Wheels!
Yes, Folks...I became a dealer! :-) I picked the Ertoel Wheels as I found them to be the very best of the electronic spinners out there, in my humble opinion. There are other brands, but the Ertoels have been around for over 30 years, have a great track record, and a guarantee on the motor for 10 years. I had found that Roberta owners had nothing but good things to say about their spinners and would not part with them. And they have the best track record for durability that I found.
I had received an earlier part of my order which included another Roberta Spinner, but I had ordered this Limited Edition one for me especially. It's more expensive for it, but I had loved the one I had seen Becca use. (And yes, Becca - your bobbins are in!) It spins like a dream! Now, I can be in the living room watching TV with my DH and still spinning in a comfortable chair without having to get up and move every so often to work the kinks out of my body. It's wonderful and I'm sure my Roberta and I will have a long and productive relationship. :-)

As for the sheep: Right now the lambs are growing like weeds! I will have my DH take pics while I hold each one this weekend. That's the only way I'm going to get close-ups of each one so everyone can see faces, horns, fleece and other bits.
Here you see them in the middle of one of the many "Lamb Races" they conduct throughout the day! In this one, I believe Shaun and his sister, Blessa, are in the lead with Sven and Ole close behind! Where do they get all that energy?

Once and a while they do take a break to catch their breath and see if there is an unsuspecting chicken to chase.

As always, Bran is ever vigilant, watching over all of us. He's even taken to making sure I make it to the back door of the basement, flying from post to shed to roof. Of course, I tell myself that he's watching over me but I know darned well he's watching to see if I drop anything good like an anmial cracker or cracked or dirty egg for him. He's almost started taking "gifts" from right out of my hand! I found myself leaning on the fenceline watching the Lamb Races and noticed that a certain individual had moved closer to me and was about 4 ft. from my head, talking to me - a comment on who was coming in first, no doubt!

Thanks for watching over me,'s comforting to know you're around...but will you please stop pooping on Ralph's freshly washed truck?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Great post for getting caught up -- I hadn't heard the names for twin set #2 yet! Looking forward to seeing up-close shots of them all....

sheperdchik said...

Yeah! The bobbins are in. Did you name your new wheel yet? Or am I the only wierdo who names everything?

Leigh said...

An Ertoel dealer? Wow! This is news! I've never considered an electirc spinner but agree they are useful tools. Your's looks very nice.

Tina T-P said...

Well, that looks like a fine new toy! Now I know where to send all our extra fleece LOL - Hope all is well w/you & yours! XOX T.

Nancy K. said...

I'll take two regular bobbins and one jumbo bobbin! Let me know how much I'll owe you and I can either send you a check or my credit card information....

Happy watching lambs grow!

Kathy L. said...

Yes, Becca - I got it! Wow! I can't believe how great it works and really feel dumb for not having bought one sooner. It is just wonderful! Of course, I was inspired by yours and decided to get one like it for me...that way the maker was more conducive to making the bobbins - he just doesn't make many of the Limited Editions...I believe mine is #13 in the World!
I just love it!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Still waiting to see that new kitchen floor! But in the meantime -- "tag" -- you're it. Come over to my blog to see what's up. Hope you have time to play; 'cause I love learning more about my friends! (If you don't, no sweat.)