Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Feelin' Hot, Hot Hot!

It's been really, really warm here today - almost 90 F! This is really hot for us for this time of year. I've started to hear rumors that we are to start getting the possibility of monsoons starting soon. I certainly hope so. I miss clouds. Today we're had nothing but clear sky.

I've been watching the sheep via "Sheep-O-Vision" today...mainly because they, too, are feeling the heat and staying close to the cool barn with the fans blowing the air inside. I do go down there often to make sure everyone has cool, clean water.

As you can see from this first photo (Sheep Thrills Ole) the lambs have become Debris Magnets, gathering hay, twigs, and assorted other bits flying around in the air lately. My DH keeps asking if I can get coats in their size. At the rate they are growing it won't be too long before they are big enough for coats...and ear tags, and shots, and weaning, and finding new homes(?).

The second photo is one I got recently of Blessa. She's finally warming up to me! I've noticed this of most ewe lambs and wonder if it's some internal mechanism given to them from Mother Nature...the boys are bold and the girls hang back almost as if to say, "You guys try it first and if you're still alive afterwards then I might try it too". Natural female survival instinct. :)

And Sheep Thrills Shaun the Sheep was caught off-guard this morning, looking over his Mum's back. Shaun has the softest fleece of any lambs we've ever had here. It is just bee-u-tea-full! He is very respectful and comes for attention or treats only when called. I think he's inherited Skit's personality...but then all the boys are that way.

The only one who will be any problem (and I'm nipping it in the bud right quick!) is Ole. Ole would rather be in someone's lap than anywhere else! Or he might try to sneak up behind someone to nibble on clothing. (And yes, Lois, we are indeed using the "Tough Love for Rams" approach with this one!) I rap his knuckles and say a firm "No!" if he tries anything like that. He has, on occasion, found himself suddenly on the ground with me pinning him down and saying "no" in a very loud angry voice. It only took twice before he realized that I meant business. And in his eyes you can see a very gentle soul softly looking back at you. What a charmer! But, if he ever slips and wants to be a Lap-Sheep again, I'll have to explain to him that it would mean he has to lose a little something his ram-hood.

And, Blessa was kind enough to stand still for this wonderful shot of her bum! But you can see she's got a nice set of square legs there! She's her father's daughter alright!

And here's hoping that all of you are staying cool and hydrated in the Summer heat! Before we know it, we'll all be complaining about snow and ice! :)

Thought for Today: Never chase elk out of your pasture in flip-flops. The elk have the advantage if you do! ;)


Leigh said...

A lap-sheep! What a hoot. I love hearing about their wonderful personalities. No wonder folks love Shetlands.

Tina T-P said...

Now, I want to know what an elk was doing wearing flip-flops.OH, YOU were wearing the flip-flops - LOL - I would have like to have seen that one.

Everyone looks so hot and bothered. I'd gladly send you the rainy day we're supposed to have tomorrow - it's the first day of my vacation, of course :-( T.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Great shots of the handsome little boys' heads! Now to email Tina and ask her why she isn't going to BSG if SHE'S ON VACATION!

shepherdchik said...

Kathy: get a good sling shot and then you can wear whatever shoes you want.

Great pictures!! I think my ewe lambs are more timid too. They seem to wait to make friends until after they have their first lamb.

Lauren said...

Excuse me young lady but you all are hot at 90? Take a look at my weather pixie. First of all, I'd like to smack that smile off her face. How can she be so happy when it's 110 and climbing? Maybe it's because she's an animated figure and will always look good in a bikini even if she drinks a bunch of beer and tops it off with Haagen Dazs. Not that I do that. Damn her. And as for you, appreciate your 90. I know you already appreciate your ever lovely sheep.

Kathy L. said...

But,'s all relative! :) That's why I said it was hot for us...
I don't think I could ever take the summer temps in the Valley. I would have to live in the freezer with the pizzas and ice cream!