Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Message from the shepherdess

Kelly here - I'm Kathy's daughter. She and my father (the DH) have asked me to update you on her progress:

Kathy's surgery went just fine. She told my father that she doesn't have pain shooting down her legs anymore; she just feels some pain from the surgery itself, but she's got "good drugs" for that. She's expected to be in the hospital for two days (I think that means she'll be home on Friday). I talked to her a few minutes ago. She's groggy, of course, but she sounds just fine.

I sent her these cheery flowers, and thankfully for once the time difference between Arizona and New Zealand worked in my favor as they were waiting for her when she was brought up from recovery. Whew!

I heard from my father today as he rushed home after the surgery to feed the sheep! He was in such a rush to take care of the brood that he got himself muddy. I'm sure the sheep appreciated the yummy hay he provided, though.

Sorry to steal your updatin' thunder, Tina and Michelle - I'm sure Kathy will be able to update you herself soon!!


Kat said...

I've been thinking about Kat all day, so it's good to have news! Thanks!!
-the "other" Kat

Tina T-P said...

No thunder to steal as far as I'm concerned - It just occurred to me that she should have you do it in the first place.

I do have the link posted on my blog to send her emails thru the hospital if anyone wants to do that - the volunteer at FMC said she had set the record for emails received by a patient! T.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

A most appropriate place and person for the updating, as far as I'm concerned. :-) After talking to her this afternoon, I wonder if Kathy won't stay another day or two....

shepherdchik said...

Thanks for the email link tina! We miss you Kathy!