Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Not Quite Back in the Saddle...but Getting There!

Yes! It's me! :) I finally have it together enough to attempt a post.

First off, I wish to say a big "Thank You" to my daughter and my husband for posting to the blog to let everyone know what was going on. They have been so supportive! I don't know what I've done right to deserve such a nice family. Even our wonderful NZ Branch of the family tree was of great support just by calling to see how I was and how things were going. What a great family!

And to YOU...all my friends...the greetings and the cards and flowers have been wonderful. You will never know how touched I am at the out-pouring of care and support I have received from all of you.
While I was in the hospital, one of the volunteers who delivers flowers, the computer greetings, cards, gifts, etc. said to me that "we" had set a new record for the hospital! At no other time had any one patient received so many "Get Well Wishes" via their computer site. :) WooHoo! I just calmly mentioned that they just weren't used to Shetland sheep people - some of the most "wonderfulest" people around...along with family, etc. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

The surgery went very well, although the hospital stay could have been much better. I was so glad to get home last Friday - to my own bed, way-better food, and no one waking me up every two hours for something like vitals, or take these pills, etc. That's a whole other story. I have come to the conclusion that I just can see how anyone gets well in a hospital. ;) It did end up that the disc was so damaged that the neurosurgeon did have to remove it. Before the surgery, he mentioned that if it could be saved it would be. Ah, well...se la vie! Everything else went as he had planned.

And yes, the horrid pain down the backs of my legs and in the lower back is, in a word, gone! I do have pain from the procedure but that diminishes a bit each day so I can actually visualize becoming "normal" (whatever that is) down the road. The major pain that came with the surgery came from feeling like my legs had been used in some sort of "Pull the Turkey Wishbone" game like we do at Thanksgiving. It feels as if someone grabbed one leg, someone else the other leg...then there was a contest to see who could win. The pain and the muscle aches reminded me of an extreme case of muscle soreness as you would get from not having ridden a horse for years, then ridden one for 24 hours straight. Thank Heavens for medications is all I can say. ;)

I know my DH can hardly wait for me to be able to get back working with our little sheep again. It will be a very long time before I will be allowed to lift anything greater than 10 lbs., so he'll have to be on the job for a while still. He's learning how to be a shepherd the hard way: The Total Immersion Method of Sheepkeeping! :) Over breakfast this morning he told me that they won't come hear him yet - that they run as a herd around him when he's down there. I told him it's just because they are not used to him and soon, with the aid of cookies, they will come to trust him as they do me.

As I watched out the window yesterday at my wonderful husband leading Skittles back into the fold area, luring him with bits of cookies, I thought to myself....

I am so very grateful for these wonderful little sheep. I don't think I would have ever been able to go through all of this with "normal" sized sheep. :) And I am even more grateful for this wonderful man I married over 30 years ago and a caring daughter, too.
(And the wonderful friends I have as well!) ...I am truly blessed!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Checked in just before leaving on our camping trip and -- hurray -- you posted! So glad to hear about the steady improvement! I might try to call once I get headed down the road. Then again, my headphone jack on my cell phone isn't working, and I'll probably be concentrating on driving, what with the camper on top and a full horse trailer behind. (Rick is driving his vet truck and pulling an empty water tank on a trailer to fill up there for everyone's horses.)

Kat said...

I'm so glad you're recuperating! I"m sure you'll be back to tending your flock as usual very soon. :-)

Leigh said...

Oh Kathy, I'm so glad to hear that you have relief from all that pain already! Yipee! I know that alone makes everything else worth it. Do take care of yourself and let your body heal!

Marty52 said...

It's good to see you home and happy!

Nancy K. said...

It sounds like your recovery is going VERY well. I'm so glad that you're already seeing an improvement in the level of pain that you have. I'll be happy for you when you are pain FREE!

I tried and I tried but, for the life of me, I can't make out what that picture is of! I'm thinking it's Skittles but I can't see what he's doing or what position he is in! Is it my eyes or is it something I'm missing in the photo????

Keep on getting better!

Kathy L. said...

The picture, Nancy, is of Bran (pronounced Brawn) my in-house raven. Bran watches over the comings and goings at the barn, even at the house banging on our skylight window of our bedroom if he thinks we've slept too long on a weekend. :)
Ralph had taken this picture of him getting his morning cookies. Skittles gets one when we enter his pen for feeding, then Bran waits for his to be placed on the gate post. So, don't worry...your eyes are fine! :)

Nancy K. said...

OK...NOW I see the raven. TOO COOL!!