Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's The Cheese!

I was looking through my computer trying to find the photos we took of our recent trip to Zion with part of our family from New Zealand when I ran across these pictures of a really nice Parmesan cheese I had made. Yes, I make cheese and love it! No, I don't have a cow, but just ask any of my ewes and they'll tell you I look awfully hard at them after lambing...they know it's just a matter of time before the whizz-bang milk pump comes out and has their names on it. :)My daughter took the nicer photo of the freshly cut cheese (but only aged for 8 months instead of a year). Kelly has quite the eye for composition and was playing around with backdrops and such.
This second picture was taken when my DH was just about to add it to his pasta. I have found the hardest thing about making cheese it waiting for it to age and trying to keep everyone (including me) from eating it.
I do also make homemade sour cream and creme fraiche, yogurt and kefir as well. I had stopped making cheeses just before we started remodeling the kitchen last year. Now that the temperatures here have cooled off I find myself wanting to get back into having cheeses aging in the basement's "Cheese Cave", aka the old, small refrigerator, again.

So, I know it's time for me to start reading the grocery ads for who has plain, old regular milk on sale now and get back to actually doing something useful around here. The nice thing about this endeavour is you get to eat it....

even if you have to wait a blasted year to do so.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

OK, OK...Enough Already!

Yes, Friends...I am alive and mostly well. I've been touring the SW with part of our NZ family and haven't been anywhere to use a computer - and I refuse to go into a CyberCafe when I'm on vacation. :)
Now, I have to admit that since we've been doing more day trips around the countryside, I have gone to bed early as I find myself getting pretty well pooped by nightfall. Not to back is fine: I went down (and back up) the 240 steps into Walnut Canyon to look at ancient ruins near Flagstaff, did aobut 2 miles at a fast clip on one of Zion's beautiful trails in just a bit over an hour, walked up and down the Las Vegas Strip many times from here to there and back again, and just yesterday tooted around the town of Jerome south of us.
All that is in between eating and sleeping. My back has hurt some on occassion, but all in all is doing well. I have had to admit that I do need to slow down a bit. Things will go back to normal paces next week when our Family fly out to do the rest of their Holiday in San Diego and beyond.
I know the cats will be glad we are not going anywhere as both Shadow and Ziggy seem upset if we are gone for any length of time now...just this morning Zig was yowling through the house when we all left the living room to get ready to go out for a bit. He just needed a bit of reassurance that we would be back soon. It's amazing how they miss us....all they seem to be doing is sleeping when we're home, but maybe they are secretly keeping tabs on all of us.

So, I will try to get back to blogging soon. I do have a few to catch up on. Rest assurred, I am still walking although some mornings it takes two cups of coffee to actually walk upright. :)

And thanks to Nancy K., for passing this one on:

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