Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's The Cheese!

I was looking through my computer trying to find the photos we took of our recent trip to Zion with part of our family from New Zealand when I ran across these pictures of a really nice Parmesan cheese I had made. Yes, I make cheese and love it! No, I don't have a cow, but just ask any of my ewes and they'll tell you I look awfully hard at them after lambing...they know it's just a matter of time before the whizz-bang milk pump comes out and has their names on it. :)My daughter took the nicer photo of the freshly cut cheese (but only aged for 8 months instead of a year). Kelly has quite the eye for composition and was playing around with backdrops and such.
This second picture was taken when my DH was just about to add it to his pasta. I have found the hardest thing about making cheese it waiting for it to age and trying to keep everyone (including me) from eating it.
I do also make homemade sour cream and creme fraiche, yogurt and kefir as well. I had stopped making cheeses just before we started remodeling the kitchen last year. Now that the temperatures here have cooled off I find myself wanting to get back into having cheeses aging in the basement's "Cheese Cave", aka the old, small refrigerator, again.

So, I know it's time for me to start reading the grocery ads for who has plain, old regular milk on sale now and get back to actually doing something useful around here. The nice thing about this endeavour is you get to eat it....

even if you have to wait a blasted year to do so.


Kat said...

Ah, the LeFevre-cheese love affair. :-) We dubbed my daughter "Cheese Princess 2002" because she loves cheese! My boy is the same way. Apparently my DH's family used to go through five pounds of cheese in a few days, if you can imagine!!

It looks really good. :-)

shepherdchik said...

Wow Kathy, I admire your cheese-making. My mom is experimenting with making cheese from her goats milk (she has 5 nannies that she milks). I am waiting anxiously to taste test for her. Those look great! I'd have a terrible time waiting that long to eat it though.

Lauren said...

Whaat don't you do, woman?! I thought about milking the ewes last spring, and did a little to make sure the milk was flowing but couldn't quite fit cheese-making into my agenda. You're a wonder!

melanie said...

Oh...I want to learn to make cheese! That looks wonderful!