Thursday, November 29, 2007

Something Wicked(ly) Big This Way Comes...

I had a strange feeling when I went out to the barn this morning. A few things seemed a bit out of place...a flower pot on the front deck was knocked off the decking, some pieces of the woodpile's pine logs had rolled off the pile, and when I got to the barn, the sheep were absolutely quiet. That in itself was unusual. Normally I would have a chorus of bleating sheep demanding I hurry up and feed them. Not so this morning. Everyone was quiet and behaved just as nice as you please.
On my way back towards the house I started to look around and was able to discern that something had visited us last night. There is a quarter placed next to a large elk-print. An elk had walked down the driveway from the street down to the barn and out to the vacant field beside our place.
It must have been seeking refuge as this is the middle of elk hunting season here. Years ago we would have been allowed to actually shoot a weapon here, but with the encroachment of town-proper we have now become a no-shoot-zone. With more population there is more of a chance of someone getting hurt, or so the county fathers believe. In reality, I would love to be able to shoot a coyote or loose dog (like the ones who killed my neighbors pet cat last month while she was sitting on her own stoop!) threatening my livestock. While I believe everything has the right to live and breathe in this world, if it chances to cross my boundary line and threaten my animals, it's fair game, in my humble opinion. But, I digress...
This elk was a loner. The picture really doesn't do the print justice. The driveway is a combination of volcanic cinders and stones and you have to "hit" it just right to leave a well defined print. I will have to keep watch to see if there are prints following the elk, as this too is a possibility. We do have cougar and bear here. When game moves through, so do the hunters and not all of them are two footed.

And later in the day, I was in our local Target waiting for some prescriptions to be refilled. Now, I will admit I can get myself into trouble poking around a store with time on my hands...I had downed my Caramel Macchiato (plus two extra shots of espresso) and was picking up a few items while I was there. When I was finished shopping, I was cutting through the food section to get back over to the pharmacy when what did I spy in the Wine Isle??? A bottle, on sale, of "Barking Sheep" wine!!!! I don't really drink much and then usually I stick to NZ wines but I got such a chuckle out of this label I had to bring it home. The label states they have a website at:!
Isn't that a hoot?!!! ;-)

OK, dear SIL...there's a label for you! I'll bet they don't have one like this in New Zealand!


Kat said...

I love hearing about your adventures on your farm!

That wine label is really funny. I'll have to check out their web site--wouldn't that be a fun poster? :-)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Biggest thing we see (hear) around here are cyotes, the occasoinal cougar comes down out of the mountains now and then but only if they are old or injured and starving, even then it is just to the outskirts of the far flung community I live in. I've only seen a few elk in person in my life time and (suprise) it was in Yellowstone. The beasties walk down the middle of the road there, you have to try not to run over them :)