Saturday, December 22, 2007

How It Was At Our House Before...

One of our relatives in New Zealand sent this little video to me. I had not seen it, but understand that it's been out on "The Web" for a while. This is exactly how it was in our bedroom, each morning, before we installed a gate to keep the cats out of the bedroom.
Although we had no baseball bats at hand for the wee creatures who allow us to share this house with them, it reminds me of just how it used to be each and every morning.

I hope you enjoy this...

And thank you, Val...for sharing!


Tammy said...

Oh Kathy, That is too funny! I laughed hysterically thru it. So true. While so far no baseball bats have been involved, the cats pretty much incorporate all the other methods---and don't forget the silent two inch away stare. Merry Christmas!

melanie said...


That little video is hilarious! He even looks like my DH...Madison and I have watched it over and over.

I, Madison, loved that little video. I am still giggling. It reminds me of my "new" cat, Max. Merry Christmas from Madison in NY.

Kiwiman said...

Hi Kathy,

Sam and Frodo are up to the same tricks - usually at 5 am.