Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Visitors From The Frozen North

Coming back from the barn this morning, I heard what sounded like one of the Mallard ducks with a bad head cold. The voice was deeper and more of a "honk" than a "quack". It was such a different sound that it made me stop and look up and around at the field behind our place. There, in a small patch of open water, were Canadian Geese! What a treat! (Click on photos to enlarge)
We do get the odd delta formation of these geese through here in the fall. Nothing like the massive migrations we used to see living in Kansas, or up in the Great Lakes when I was a kid. This was a real treat! Poor things must be saying something like, "Gee, Martha, I thought Arizona was going to be warmer than this. I'm all for heading farther south. How does Mexico sound to you?"
I had walked out into the snow in our pasture to try to get a better photo of our visitors. It was still pretty cold but the sun had come up, starting to warm up the earth again. I stood there watching the birds to see if they would stand up for a better picture. It was then I noticed the other beauty in the morning light...the sound of water still running in the stream, the sunlight bouncing off the snow, turning it into a field of glistening diamonds before my feet. As cold as it was, the stream was still running under the snow and ice. It hadn't frozen up solid.
On my way back towards the house I heard a shuffle from the direction of the barn, then silence. There were the small band of sheep I had just put out for their morning meal. They had all stopped eating and were looking at me. In the hush of the morning I thought I heard our wether Colin saying to the others, "Hey, guys! Guys! Mom's got a camera with her...everybody look her way and say, 'Grass'!"

There's another storm coming tonight, Guys...better get a move on down towards the south.


Tina T-P said...

Wow, three posts in three days! Great snow pictures - Brrrr. If'n I was a Canada Goose, I'd be winging my way a little farther to the south as well.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm loving the frequent posts, too! Couldn't really see the geese in the first photo, but the next two are wonderful.

Franna said...

Wow, your photos really "biggify"! Gorgeous! Maybe next year we'll have to come to Arizona for some snow... snow birds beware!
- Franna

Leigh said...

Sectional warping, huh? That's something I said I would never try but as I read your comment, I felt my resolve weakening, lol.

Love the geese shots. We have a flock that lives about 4 miles from here all year long. Beautiful birds.