Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Benefit Auction #2

Our past floods here at Sheep Thrills Farm pale in comparison to the devastation left by the flooding in Washington State endured by the Gregory Family of Black Sheep Creamery. I can't imagine losing almost everything you have, especially most of a flock of sheep upon whom you depend for a living.

I would like to urge you, Dear Visitor, to go to the website WashingtonWool dot com and bid on one of the beautiful items donated by fiber enthusiasts and (Shetland) shepherd alike to raise money to help one of their own get back on their feet. As we all found out when Katrina hit New Orleans, flooding is not usually covered by insurance companies. And these people were not aware that their 100+ year old farm, which had never had any flooding occur in its history, would have a river rise so fast as to barely have time to get out of the house themselves.

The last auction raised $4,000.00 for Black Sheep Creamery. Let's make this one even better!
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Tina T-P said...

Thank you, Thank you! :-) T.

Kathy said...

De nada, Chica! :)

(It's nothing, Girlfriend!)

shepherdchik said...

Kathy: I'm needing a part for my Roberta. The little sliding hook has a deep ridge/groove in it from the yarn wearing on it while spinning. I had noticed it a few months ago, but last night I happened to look closer and realized that it is worn more than 2/3 of the way through the whole hook. Pretty soon, the hook is going to break off. For some reason, I was thinking that there was a spare hook in the kit that came with the wheel (along with another of those little black rings that hold the hook in place) but I cannot locate a spare hook anwywhere in my huge stash of spinning stuff. Help! I have wool to spin! (sobbing...) Becca