Thursday, January 31, 2008

People Say The Nicest Things...

I was wonderfully surprised by Leigh for nominating me for this blogger award! I feel very humbled to have someone, whose blog I enjoy reading as well as learn a lot from, chose STF for this! Thank you, Leigh! From the bottom of my heart.
As Leigh herself states in her blog:
"Awards...are encouraging. Plus, they always include a number of links to new blogs that are interesting, informative, and inspirational to read. The "You Make My Day Award" is exactly that. Awarded to blogs that give "inspiration and happiness" it is encouraging to receive, and easy to pass on."

It's so nice to see things like this come along. Oh, not the getting it necessarily, but acknowledgement of something positive, for once. We all have our pluses and minuses in life, but something that focuses on the positive is always a welcomed thing. At least it should be. I know there are "Pay It Forward" memes going around the blog-world now, but shouldn't we do nice things for people "just because"? One of the things I enjoy most in life is doing something nice, kind, etc. for someone else. Even for someone I have never met.
We all use our blogs to vent, blow off steam, etc. (well, you get the idea)... Now, at the mid-life fifty-plus something age I try to choose not to voice the negative, if at all possible. That doesn't mean I don't have anything negative in my life. What it means is I try to concentrate on what the positives are. Willingly. So does Leigh. I know I've gotten to the point in my life where I know somethings aren't worth the effort. What's that saying? "Life is too short to drink bad wine."

So, thank you, Leigh, for your vote of confidence in me. I shall try to live up to it without getting into too much trouble. :)

As part of this it is requested that I pass on blogs I feel are positive or inspiring. This is hard as I don't spend great amounts of time each day reading blogs on the computer. There are many good reads in BlogWorld. These are some of my favorites I would like to pass this award on to:

- A Blip On The Radar (Tina's blog - even if you check it out only on a Tuesday when Tina lists Three Beautiful Things.)
- A Shepherd's Voice (Nancy Krohn's photos are beautiful!)
- Shepherd Chik's Musings (Becca's great posts are informative and the occassional cartoon is great for lifting spirits up!)
- Musings from Fairlight Farm (Tammy's astute observations about her sheep and animals are heartwarming)
- Our Wee Farm (Melanie's musings from Upstate NY where great Maple Syrup grows on trees!)
- Boulderneigh (Michelle's accounts of her animals and family)
- Creative Pop-Offs (The "other person" of the same name and probable cousin by marriage!...let's hope our families can keep the two of us straight!)
- Stonehaven Farm Blog (Lois' account of her mountain farm and all their creatures they share it with - including working draft horses!)
Last but not in the least:
-SteamedPuddings (My daughter's blog! Need a mother say more? She takes beautiful photos when she's in the artistic mood as well as accounts of her life as PhD candidate in New Zealand. You go, Girl!)


shepherdchik said...

Thanks Kathy!! I'd love to say something inspirational and witty, but it is Friday so I will just say thanks! Becca

Kelly said...

Thanks, Mom!! :)

Tammy said...

Hi Kathy,
Thanks so much! I consider it an honor that you consider my blog for your You Make My Day recognition. Last week I had compiled a fairly (I thought) intelligent (as opposed to the somewhat idiotic one I put up on Boulderneigh.. :-0)comment for your "brrr" post, but something happened and it just disappeared. Argh. Anyhoo, I really don't know how you cope with the continued buildup of snow and ice. Yuck. And I'm also sorry to hear about your roof, but think you have made a wise decision to wait until it is safer to take care of the problem. In the meantime, there is always buckets.
Take care,

Rascal said...

I think you're purry nice too. Thank you so much for visiting my blog during my surgery and diagnosis, and for leaving such encouraging comments. I am so thankful to have so many supportive friends. Purrs!

bspinner said...

I love you attitude toward life. I can't aggree more. Is this something that comes with age? I'm an over 60's person and like you have to time for "bad wine". I'm thinking "good wine and loads of fun" should be my motto. Anyway, sure do enjoy your blog.

Kathy said...

Thank you all for such nice somments! You made my day! :)