Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolutions? Pass.

I never make resolutions. There is something too permanent about making a "resolution" each New Years and if there is one thing I have learned these many years, it's not to be too definitive about anything.

Oh, I don't mean this in the way of being unable to make a decision about something, but rather I've learned never to say "Never." or never presume to have anything written in stone. The Universe, God, The Force, The Great Spirit, Karma...all have a way of letting things come back and take a big chunk out of behinds when firm statements are made. When this happens to me I can hear the Universe laughing.

I remember saying I would never have sheep again. (Hear all that laughing in the background?) I find myself thinking why didn't I get sheep sooner than I did? And that's just one example of how making decisions and resolutions has a way of coming back to you...usually when you least expect it. So, instead of "resolutions" I make "goals". Goals that I can set for myself much in the way a goal for the farm would be made. I aim for the goals. Resolutions are better kept for governments being formed as in our Declaration of Independence. I'll settle for the more realistic venue of a few goals to aim for this next year. And it really doesn't matter what the goals are, but the fact that they all mainly deal with trying to be a better person. To do right and act accordingly.

So, pardon me if I don't list a bunch of "resolutions" here, Dear Reader. If there's one thing I've learned in life it's that Life changes. And you need to be flexible to be able to bend with those changes. Otherwise, you can get broken.

Remember, the only constant in life is change.
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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Amen; you said it well!

Leigh said...

I make only one resolution every year and I keep it every time. My resolution is to not make any resolutions. ;)

LizzieK8 said...

Hear! Hear! I agree! I resolve not to resolve!

Tammy said...

I agree Kathy! The idea of starting with a 'clean slate' is appealing, but we can do that any day if we so choose. And I too have learned to say in I would NEVER do that. Ha, yeah right. I love seeing all the little Skittles Clones in the picture. Very pretty boys.