Monday, February 04, 2008

Can You Say "Frozen Frost-Free Faucet" Three Times Fast?

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but we've been mighty busy here at Oleo Acres, one of the cheaper spreads.(aka Sheep Thrills Farm) For the past few weeks, we have had one storm after another batter us. The strange thing is was that these storms came from a very unusual direction. This has caused a very big, large, humongous, giant ice dam on the north side of the house. We started noticing water dripping from the windows in the office, then in our bedroom, then making it into the kitchen. Did I mention this ice dam is really big? :) I have been on the phone with our insurance company getting everything set up for a roofer, plus a restoration company, to come and deal with this problem. We have never had a problem...until this year. Normally our storms hit from the north or northwest. This one came from the south and southwest. Instead of dumping snow, sleet, ice and more snow on the south elevation of the house where it melts off quickly, the storm dropped the snow on the north side. Not good.

I will try to keep you posted...but I am heartbroken at the prospect of having to have half of our newly finished kitchen torn apart. I know they will fix everything after the ice dam is removed, but part of it is opening the walls up to make sure they dry completely before replacing damaged drywall. All I can say is "Oi!" with an "Uff Da!" thrown in for good measure.

But, not being one to try to dwell on a situation that can't be changed straight away, I noticed that the storm did leave some beauty behind as well. It's not often we get Killer Icicles hanging off the bedroom eaves right in front of the windows.

I let the girls out for a bit this afternoon when the snowing stopped. I could just hear Ailee saying to her mom, Amanda, "Gee, Aunt Lacey heading back into the barn? I don't think I like this cold deep stuff." and "Psst...hey, Mom...Loretta is eating the white stuff! Eew!"

Meanwhile, The Ole Man, Bluff Country Skittles, stayed guard over his Tire-Toy. But notice, Folks...HE is HIGHER than the tire! That tire hangs with a two foot clearance between its bottom and the ground! Skittles is standing on top of more than two feet of compacted snow and ice!
-Sorry Skit, ole Pal...I think it may be spring before we see the ground again!-
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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm so sorry they are going to have to tear up your wonderful kitchen (among other things)! But I guess that's better than dealing with ongoing mold issues. Been there; not fun.

Skittles is sure a handsome ram. The horns do add a certain majesty. :-)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Ouch! We have about 5 inches altogether! I'll take the wind balls ;-)

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the damage is so severe. I had no idea that it had built up to such an extreme. I hope your insurance will cover everything, but I know that it will still be difficult to deal with the situation in the meantime. And it is heartbreaking to see something you put time and effort into and enjoy be destroyed. Two feet of snow! Sheesh. Poor Skittles, he probably wonders what the heck happened to his now snowbound tire.
Take care of yourself,

Sharon said...

I was wondering how you had fared when I was driving in this morning - now I know. Not so hot, no pun intended, well maybe a little. Oi Uff Da - is that a Jewish Swede???

Quail Hill Knits said...

I love Flagstaff but I don't ever remember seeing that much snow on the ground. I saw a news report today that said Chama, NM had had over 150 inches this year....and China has had the coldest winter on record. I wonder how Global Warming fits into all this?

Nancy K. said...

I miss my big, black RAM!!


Kathy said...

He IS a gem, isn't he Nancy? :) (Although he does have "those" moments like all rams do once and a while)

Sharon - The "Oi & Uff Da" are Down Under and Scandinavian. I'm of Swediah/Scots-Irish with a bit of Danish and Cherokee decent. I believe the Jewish Oi is "Oy". In Australia and New Zealand (where we have relatives) it's always "Oi". I have often wondered about how it got Down Under. :)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

LOL that is too funny, I use those explitives all the time, especially the uff-da, my son gets a kick out of it :)
I am also of Scots-Irish decent...