Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wool Ewe Be My Valentine?

Selected cardFrom all of us at Sheep Thrills Farm (including our own Sheep Thrills Shaun the Sheep), we wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day! May this be a day to cherish those we love and, hopefully, be cherished ourselves. :)

*Update on the State of Repairs here at STF: It's snowing again! We're supposed to get another 12 inches of snow between today and tomorrow, after this system works it's way through. Yesterday, our low temperature was 31 F. Today our high will be 30 F. And by next week, we're supposed to warm up to about 60 F. This is just crazy! Oh, well...enough of that! Have a wonderful day today!


Leigh said...

That is so cute. Happy Valentine's Day!

bspinner said...

I love Shaun the Sheep. Happy Valentine's Day to you to.