Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Appreciating Himself

These are not the best photos I have taken of "Himself", but I took them to show you something I noticed about Skittles that wasn't there last winter. This all came about from letting all "The Boys" out together in the pasture yesterday. I wish I had my camera then for what did I behold, but a ram ponging and jumping around the pasture with all the rest of the boys - kicking his heels up in pure joy! I never thought "The Old Man" could move like that! :-)

It was then I noticed it...the sun was at my back as I hung over the gate to watch and so afforded me the opportunity to see what the dull greys of winter had hid so well from sight. Can you guess what it is?

Now, in his defense, he wasn't posed for any of these shots, but it's still visible. It looks so much better in person, too. I just wish the camera had captured "it" as I had witnessed.
The above shot is a good one showing "it" off. Any guesses? Look closely at the LUSTROUS FLEECE The Old Man is sporting this spring! WaHoo! I have had only one shearing from Skit since I bought him from Nancy. And I have to be honest - his fleece showed the stress of shipping such a long distance plus his having to acclimate to this high altitude. The altitude will definitely take the wind out of your sails until you get used to it. Skit had only 6 weeks before breeding season that fall, very little time to adjust to all the changes in his life.
Altitude was a big concern for high altitudes some strains of bulls will keel over stone-cold dead during breeding season as their heart can't take the stress. I had never heard or read of any sheep doing that but I sure didn't want my buddy to be the first. What a tough cookie he is.
That's right, guard that barn area from all comers! You're looking awesome, Buddy! I 've just got to get you a dribble bib for that hay under your chin.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

How thrilling to see a better fleece coming in! Love the luster....

Cathy said...


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

That was all I could see but thought it was too obvious! His fleece looks delectable! I will enjoy seeing a picture of it sheared also! Fleece like that makes you want to roll in it :)

Tina T-P said...

Him is lookin pretty fine indeed! And doesn't he just have that "I am regal (and I know it)" look? But in deference to sittin.n.spinnin - roll in a ram's fleece - I don't think so - LOL - eeewww!

Looks like your snow is disappearing inch by inch. Have a great day. T.

Jenny Holden said...

Thought I'd return the visit.
What a handsome chap. Good horns too. I can't wait to buy my first tup this year!

Kathy said...

Thanks, Everyone! I wish the girls were as lustrous...their fleeces are showing signs of rooing, so they just look fuzzy right now.

Nancy K. said...

I am so happy that Skittles has found a home where he is so appreciated! He always was a very regal ram (OK ~ not-with-standing the TIRE thing!). I kept his half sister, "Destiny" (black ewe lamb out of Alice) this year. She and her big brother both have that "air" about them that their mother passes on to her offspring...not to mention incredible conformation ~ LOOK at the rear and topline on that boy!!


When are your girls due to start lambing???