Saturday, March 01, 2008

On The Road Again: Trip to Town, Part Deux

I'm not sure why Picasa did not include these last three photos. I am not used to using it extremely well, but I have also noticed that Blogger is tempermental, at times. we finally go to finish that trip over to the other side of town, towards our small mall.There is a BIG difference between the micro-climates on our side of the mountains, to the eastern regions of Flagstaff. We are actually about 7+ miles from our actual town proper. And we travel about 7+ miles to get over to the other side of town, but the climates are so totally different. While we get more snow and rain, the other side of town is much drier and windier. People I know who live on the east side of town always mention that while they have a longer growing season for their gardens, the have to water like crazy to keep the wind from drying out plants. Plus they have more prairie dogs on their side of town while we have gophers and ground squirrels.
Here you see by the I17 road signs we have a choice here...east to the mall or west towards California and Las Vegas. As I don't have that much money with me, I think it best to go east to the mall and we'll just have to save Lost Wages for another trip.
Now we're on I40, headed east. We pass one exit, then head towards Mt. Elden and the turnoff for the mall and the road heading up to Page, AZ. It goes through the Navajo Reservation. We'll save that for another trip as well. As my DH says, "It's miles and miles of miles and miles." - meaning it's barren with not much to see. We usually stop in Cameron for breakfast if we're headed up that way. (for those of you following along with a map)
And here we are at Mt. Elden. As you have probably figured out, we either must turn left and head back towards town, or turn right. We're going right but will leave you with this picture of Mt. Elden instead of our Small mall and parking lot. Who wants to see those anyway? I only get over this way a couple of times a year. I try to stay away from temptation and since I have all the clothes, shoes and gee-ga's I need, I stay away. The only reason we're over this way today is to go to Best Buy to get a new printer for my computer.Mt. Elden used to be completely covered with Ponderosa pine tree as well as Gamble oak and aspen trees. Back in the late '70s there was a huge forest fire which destroyed all the trees and almost destroyed all the housing along the base of Mt. Elden. There are hiking trails on the eastern slope where you can spend an afternoon. But you have to be on your guard as this is mountain lion territory (well, it is here too). A few years ago a lion was shot as it had threatened two dogs and their owner. Of course the lion had to pay for this guys stupidity - the dogs were loose, not leashed, and were in the lion's territory, not on the path. Too bad for the lion. I'm more of the thinking that if the guy got it, it was just the Darwin Patrol thinning out our herd.I can just see my DH shaking his head at that statement, but it really IS a fact of life here..."If you go out in the woods today you're sure of a big surprise..."
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Val said...

Once again down memory lane

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

One of my favorite songs! Kind of amazing that after 30-some years Mt. Eldon hasn't reforested itself better than that. Or maybe the trees here just grow faster, since we have more moisture.

Sharon said...

One thing our locales have in common - it's brown right now with residual dirty snow. I always look forward to to the next season and always glad to see it go as well. I'm ready for the next season.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Darwin Patrol, lol I like it! Thanks for the giggle!

Kat said...

How funny--I'm pretty sure we had a pit stop (potty break) at the McDonald's by the mall about five years ago. That was my first (and so far last) time in Flagstaff, driving through from Utah to Oklahoma.

Maybe some day I'll get back there and come for a visit. (Hopefully that's not just an idle threat, cousin!)