Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Greetings

I want to wish all of you, Dear Readers, a very Happy St. Patrick's Day! This is a day to celebrate all things Celtic, especially the Irish people and customs. Most of our family has Celtic/Scandinavian genetics so we see this as a day to celebrate EVERYTHING Celtic - not just the Irish portion, but we'll throw in the Scottish and Viking genes for good measure!

I thought I would share a few photos of this morning with you:
The above photo is for Michelle. See? We do actually get fog in Arizona. I woke up to sunny skies but as I was reading the newspaper I noticed the room had become darker. When I looked up, I saw the fog rolling in. I love the fog. To me it's like a warm hug. When I had horses I would love to go riding in the fog, enjoying the silence that seems to come with it. I still enjoy it, but it's few and far between here in the SW mountains. So this morning was a treat for me.
This weekend we had a dramatic weather change! Last Friday saw the wind starting and by Saturday it was blowing a gale. I was covered with hay after trying to feed everyone that day. You can tell you live with a shepherd when you have bits of hay all over the house. It follows us the same way that Pigpen in Peanuts has a cloud of dust with him wherever he goes. After a windy day, I christen the house with bits of green. I suppose you could defend the contamination by saying I was decorating for St. Patrick's Day. It's a flimsy excuse, I know...but the best I could come up with under the circumstances. :)
Above, you'll see two visitors to the flooded area of the pasture. Shhh...they're taking a siesta. I was surprised they let me get as close as I did as the snow crunched under my feet every time I took a step towards them. (You can always biggyfy the photos by clicking on them...)
As I walked back from the barn this morning, I noticed some of the 6 inches of snow decorating my DH's pride and joy, Betty the '53 Merc. If you look closely, you'll see me in the reflection of the chrome.
I had a few more photos that I tried to upload for this post, but for some reason I have had nothing but problems with Picasa today. I will try to post a second part later in the day.

I hope you all have a great day today - even if it IS a Monday. Maybe because it's St. Patrick's Day today, it will be a very good Monday for everyone. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you all have a beautiful day today!

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Tina T-P said...

Hrmph - I went to the deli at our local mega style food store and they didn't have any corned beef - what kind of store doesn't have any corned beef on St. Patrick's Day!! - had to settle for one of the worst Reuben's I've ever had
:-( - heard on the news that you had a bit of a storm yesterday. Hope all is in one piece. T.

Kathy said...

We found out this morning that there was a 100+ vehicle pile-up just east of Flag due to white-out conditions. The paper this morning said 2 people died, but I've heard now the total is 5. Although we didn't get a whole lot of snow, the wind and temperatures were what contributed to the accident. That, and they found the car that started it was going way too fast for the conditions. :(

Sharon said...

I jumped in my car and was backing out of the garage this morning when I saw my yard Birkenstocks which are green. I grabbed them and wore them once I got to work, just for a lark, but realized that they were pretty dirty so gave them a washing in the utility sink - whereupon I realized the soles were packed with business from feeding. It's green too.

Franna said...

Top o' the Mornin' to Ya!

....oops, that was yesterday. I forgot about the corned beef in the freezer, then we had folks over for agility practice. Good times but no corned beef dinner. I settled for hot milk with Kahlua. mmMMMMMmmmmmm... I declare that Irish enough.
- Franna

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Everybody was getting on to me about not having green on (I did have some on my shirt, hmph), but like Sharon, I pointed out that my green stuff was natural, where was theirs?

Kathy said...

I just told people to look into my eyes if they wanted to see "green". :)

Leigh said...

Belated Happy St. Paddy's day to you too. Let's hear it for all things Celt! Hopefully all that white around your place will be replaced with some natural green soon.