Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When I Grow Up...

My friend, Tina, put this on her blog. The "Inquisitiveness" might be a tad on the low side for me as I love trying to figure out anything and everything, which tends to make my DH shake his head at times. (It may have driven my family crazy, but it sure came in handy doing investigations.) Note that no where does it mention "Shepherd" in this list. I took it twice just to be sure...but this is what it came up for me:

Career Inventory Test Results

Emotional Stability50%

You are a Persuader, possible professions include - entertainer, recruiter, artist, newscaster, writer/journalist, recreation director, librarian, facilitator, politician, psychologist, housing director, career counselor, sales trainer, travel agent, program designer, corporate/team trainer, child welfare worker, social worker (elderly services), interpreter/translator, occupational therapist, executive
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