Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Waiting Game

While I've got the older ewes together for lambing to begin this weekend, I've separated out both Ailee and Loretta, along with the notorious Blessa, by themselves. Ailee and Loretta will be lambing in a couple of weeks - depending on when they settled.
You can see by Loretta's udder development that she IS indeed with lamb(s). You can also tell that Loretta is not the dark brown/black lamb she was when she had to have her horn scurs removed. She's becoming much more steely blue-grey. I think she's becoming much prettier. I can hardly wait to see the lambs both she and Ailee will have, being one-step away from their mothers I'm hoping for some color this year other than black and brown. :)

This picture below is of Pearl, my favorite bantam Ameraucana hen. Nosey Josey just thinks she runs the place, but it's really Pearl who does. She is the hen I've seen keeping all others in line and chastising other chickens if they don't follow appropriate protocols around here. When chasing chickens into the barn at night, usually the dawdler is Bluey, another Ameraucana hen. Well, Pearl will jump on whoever is last in the door for being late. They all mind her. And she watches me, when I'm out there, just to keep tabs on what I'm doing in HER pasture.

Even Slick, the rooster, minds his peas and cues around Pearl. He's a handsome devil and he knows it.

And below you see a picture of the reason why the songbirds are in hiding and the chickens are in the barn today. This little guy is one of the raptors we have in their area, but he wouldn't let me get close enough to get a great picture. He was bigger than a Kestrel...he could even be a dark phase of one of the falcons we have here. The wind was bothering him and when I came out onto the deck to get a better picture, he took off, showing me his tail and backsides as well. He might have been a Cooper's Hawk. I hope to see him again. So far, the birds have not started singing again so I know he's still in the area.

Watch out, Chickens! Keep your eyes to the skies today. He sure looked hungry to me and Bran took all the mice this morning.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Loretta has BIG teats compared to my girls! Hope her little lambies can fit them in their mouths....

Kathy said...

Aw, they're really small...they just look big when you biggfy the photo. Blessa will soon have to go in with the boys so she doesn't get tempted by her sister's bag. The Little Devil that she is! :)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

It looks like a Peregrine Falcon, maybe a young one, but from this picture, the head color and chest colors look right and there is the hint of the thick leg covering of a peregrine. I love raptors and take pleasure in identifing them in flight, it always amazes my kids, they cant understand how I can see that far. Its funny because its their shape, not colors that shows what they are.

Michelle, my dorset ewe has teats so large, I never think the lambs are going to be able to handle them, but they always do!

Sharon said...

Ummm, looks like the phantom menace. I get all excited when I see surprise birds, including kestrels. Our poor beleaguered cold birds this winter - how they have struggled.

Tammy said...

Enjoyed all the pictures Kathy! I'm so glad I have only one more ewe left to lamb. Here is hoping your ewes don't torture you as much as mine did, with 'let's pretend to lamb' in tag team fashion. Just got my first spottie and am SOOOO tickled! Even if it is a ramling. Who is the sire for your babies?

Tammy said...

Good grief, Kathy, I KNEW that Skittles was the daddy. What was I thinking??? Obviously I wasn't, but then sleep has been hard to come by lately. ha.... The little guy over at my place is pretty related to much of the flock. So I'm not sure I will be keeping him. Right now, I'm just going to enjoy though. I hope you get some spots cropping out this year! You've got some lovely beasties.